What Do Your Gadgets Say About You?


How you dress, talk and generally present yourself is no longer sufficient for others to judge you. Instead people now judge you, and your spending power,  by the smartphones you have or the laptops and  tablets you carry around. Gadgets can tell a lot about who you are as a person. To begin with let’s have a look at your smartphone. iPhone The iPhone has its own league of die-hard fans, some having to wait ... Read More →

Turning Winter Weather into Work-Out Weather


I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time staying in shape. Working up the motivation to get out multiple times a week is a hassle, and my busy schedule leaves me feeling especially lazy when I have free time. Tack that on to the rapidly dropping winter weather, and I’m spent. It’s already hard enough!

Learn To Play The Guitar Like A Guitar Hero


Let’s be honest with each other. When you’re all alone in your room and your favourite song is blasting from your speakers, you’re not sitting there quietly. Chances are you’re singing along, moving with the beat, and when that amazing guitar solo sweeps through the melody you’re possessed with the sudden urge to air guitar along with it. If your Toronto apartment has a lot of windows, it can be embarrassing to know that any ... Read More →

3 Tips for Saving Money This Holiday Season


During the holidays is when the most generous side of people comes out. You almost can’t help walking into a shop, spying something that would be a perfect gift for someone you know, and then purchasing it for them right on the spot. You get giddy thinking about the look on their face when they open your thoughtful present. However, if money is tight, the idea of getting store-bought gifts for people can be more ... Read More →