What Do Your Gadgets Say About You?


How you dress, talk and generally present yourself is no longer sufficient for others to judge you. Instead people now judge you, and your spending power,  by the smartphones you have or the laptops and  tablets you carry around. Gadgets can tell a lot about who you are as a person. To begin with let’s have a look at your smartphone. iPhone The iPhone has its own league of die-hard fans, some having to wait ... Read More →

Bigger is Better: The Amazing Benefits Of Muscle Gains


When most people think about gaining muscle they think about bodybuilders. They think about people obsessing over their bodies as they prepare for a competition of looks. But this is at the extreme in the field of muscle gain. There are many incremental benefits to aiming for muscle gain in your fitness regime. Visual Progress Getting fit can sometimes be a bit of a drag. If you work harder at the office, you’ll see the ... Read More →

So You Want To Buy A Jaguar. Find Out How ANYONE Can Afford To Buy One!


Everyone loves Jaguar cars, even if they don’t want to admit it! Jaguar is a popular British car marque revered the world over. They get driven by the motoring elite, celebrities, and you even see them driven in films too. But style, performance, and luxury come at a price. If you want a brand new, top-spec Jaguar model, you might have to sell your house to fund it! Of course, if you know what you’re ... Read More →

Fast Facts You Need To Arm Yourself With Before Buying A Used Car


In today’s tough economic climate, more people are opting to buy used cars instead of brand new ones. It makes sense; used cars are cheaper to buy, making them more desirable to people that need a car. Most used car purchases go according to plan, but there are some occasions where things can go wrong. To help you avoid the latter, I’ve compiled a list of fast facts you need to be aware of before ... Read More →

The Golf GTI: Car Of The Year?


The Volkswagen Golf is the original hatchback. It was the first to merge practicality with power when it introduced the GTI version. Since then, the VW Golf has featured in nearly every ‘best-of’ list at the end of the year. The 2014 version is no difference, showing up in countless top tens. This year’s Golf GTI is the best yet. Volkswagen have honed its perfect hot hatchback even further. Every year they make it just ... Read More →

Buying A Car As A Present: Essential Dos And Don’ts


Buying a car as a present is a big deal. It’s a big money item and will more than likely transform the life of the person you’re gifting it to. If you have it in your mind to be generous and give one as a present, then you should think the process through a lot before you begin to hand over any cash.   The situation depends a lot on who you’re giving the car ... Read More →