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People will argue for days over whether or not text messages are a good thing for the human race. Anything can be controversial if you think about it long enough, so it’s better to just accept the the fact that the world is changing and accept the fact that text messaging is a large part of that. Of course it’s true that text messaging can be used in a way that causes problems for all parties involved in the communication, but in the same way, text messages are being used in really cool ways, too.

If you’re not sure exactly what that means, here are ways text messages are being used that actually makes life easier for everyone in society:

You Don’t Have To Sit on the Phone With Contact Centers

If there is one thing that people around the world dislike, it’s contact centers. People work in them because they make good money, but everybody dreads the moment they have to give up an unbeknownst amount of time to call a center to get questions answered about life.

In the same way, nobody likes answering the phone to discover that a telemarketer is on the other end of the line. People hate spending time talking on the phone today. Luckily for everybody, the business community is starting to catch onto this fact and nobody is answering their calls and they instead are integrating texting into their customer interactions. This saves them time and money and it also saves you the headache. If that’s not a cool way to use texting, who knows what is?

You Can Text 911

Have you ever thought about the fact that it’s stupid that people have to call 911 in order to get help during an emergency? What happens if the person is in a circumstance where they can’t make any noise for fear of getting killed? This happens a lot more often than one would hope.

Since texting has already been around since 1992, you would think that the government would have figured out earlier that calling 911 doesn’t always work. Thankfully, somebody did think about this and in certain cities, you can actually text your emergency to 911. Unfortunately, the service is only available in certain places, but if more people actually knew it was a possibility, maybe more cities would make it an initiative to get the service working. It would save countless lives and is probably the coolest thing that will ever be done with text messaging.

So while text messaging can create a lot of issues in relationships and it’s still better to call people, especially when it pertains to business, the world is changing and text messaging is a big part of creating that definition. One day, it might become altogether appropriate to text somebody about a’s basically a more instant form of email, anyways.

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