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Over the years there have been many famous men who have greatly influenced people because of the power they have,  their celebrity status or the work they have done. There are many famous men who can be considered as being very influential as of this year. Let us take a brief look at 10 such influential men of 2014. obama 1. Barack Obama - Obama is definitely a very influential person of this year in particular and has been so for a while, mainly due to all the different crises that he has been dealing with over the world. Being the President of the United States makes him one of the most powerful people on the planet and he has the privilege of being the first African American president too. He will especially be remembered for his health care reform program, but in 2014 he has presented himself as a hard-worker with fashion sense to boot. 2. Vladimir Putin - As another of the world’s most powerful men, Putin has great influence over the masses. In the 15 years of his governance he has led both the Russian economy and military to grow faster than ever before. 3. Pope Francis - There is no doubt that the current Pope, who is well known for having a more open and informal approach to the papacy, is a highly influential personality especially for religious Catholic Christians. His message of peace makes him one of the greatest influencers of the world in 2014. mark 4. Prince Harry - This young and dashing royal is an excellent influence to his peers with his two tours of duty in Afghanistan, his tour to Africa to work with HIV positive kids and his launch of the Invictus Games in September 2014 for wounded military veterans.. He is a patron of 15 organizations so far and is proving to be as influential as his mother the late Lady Diana. 5. Lionel Messi - Messi has probably been one of the most influential men over the last few years with his 4 Ballon d’Or awards in football and many others to his credit. He led Argentina in a spectacular final match at the FIFA World Cup 2014, in Brazil and even though they lost he went home with the Golden Ball award and 4 Player of the Match awards 6. Narendra Modi - As the current Prime Minister of India, Modi is known to be a controversial political figure both internationally and in India but nonetheless he is a very influential politician. He is acclaimed for his international diplomacy and economic policies for the common people. 7. Miroslav Klose - Another great footballer who proved influential this year with his spectacular performance at the FIFA World Cup 2014, in Brazil which helped Germany to win the World Cup. He also broke Ronaldo’s world record with his current total of 16 goals. 8. Jordan Belfort – With the release of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ in 2013, Belfort gained huge popularity worldwide and has been highly influential with his motivational speaking tour in the US and several other countries this year. 9. Mark Zuckerberg - With an estimated personal wealth of 33.1 billion dollars the founder and CEO of Facebook definitely makes the list of influential men. He proves that one need not be old and experienced to become successful and famous. robin 10. Robin Williams - Despite his tragic demise this year, Williams remains one of the most influential comedy actors to the day and his death just drove people to watch his movies more. He will truly be missed. This article is provided by A Lonely Road Blog.  

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