It’s always fun to play sports or keep active throughout the week. Doing some form of physical activity can work wonders for your body and health. But, gadgets are also fun. So what happens when the two things combine? You end up with sports/fitness gadgets of course! Carry on reading and you’ll find out the three best sports gadgets money can buy:

Golf Mat

A golf mat is a nifty little product that can help improve your game drastically. They basically serve as a way for you to practice your swing and drive. But, you don’t have to worry about ruining the grass in your garden of the local field. You can get a Real Feel Mat that even allows you to use a proper tee to place the ball on. This is different to some mats that don’t allow this. The great thing about a mat is that you can use it on hard ground too and it acts as a substitute for grass. Professional golfers often use mats like these to help with their training while they’re at home. So, if you’re struggling with your golf swing, or need a few extra yards on your drive, then a golf mat can come in very handy. 3

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Smart Tennis Racquet

If tennis is your game then there is definitely something you can use to improve your skills. Leading equipment provider, Babolat, have developed a smart tennis racquet. No, this doesn’t mean your racquet will start solving complicated algebra equations for you! What it does is collect all the data from your play time. It will tell you how hard you’re hitting the ball, what your weakest shot is, and much more. It can even analyse your swing and show you where you’re going wrong or not. The great thing about this is that it’s just like any other racquet. There’s no extra weight, and you don’t feel like you’re using something different. You get all the details sent to a partner app on your smartphone/tablet. It’s really easy to use and track your performance after every practice session/match. Some of the games pro’s use these racquets during tournaments, it’s state of the art stuff.

Fitness Band

One of the most used fitness gadgets are fitness bands. These are things you wear around your wrist and they track your athletic performance. You can see calories burned, average heart rate, distance travelled, etc. They’re great for anyone that does any exercise, but excellent for runners. If you’re training for a marathon, then a fitness band can help track your performance. You can use a fitness band to see your running progress and see where you are, or aren’t improving. If you run the same route every day, then a band will show you detailed results of your performance. It’s easy for you to compare results each day, and see if you’ve got better or worse. But, they’re not just limited to runners, players of any sport can utilise these bands in their practice.   If you want to improve your athletic performance, or just need a good way to track your progress, consider these three gadgets.  

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