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When men and women look back on their lives and regard the timeline of everything that led them to where they are, many voice regrets. Ideally, people will avoid such regrets before it’s too late so they can turn things around.   Too often, however, people go through their lives accumulating more and more regrets. They provide themselves with excuses as to why they can’t go back and attempt the things they wish they’d have done. Rather than accept such regrets as part of your fate, you must try to live the best life that you can by not making excuses. Here are three of the most common regrets that people express near the end of their lives and what you can do to avoid them.

Not Going To School

A lot of young people don’t go to school because they aren’t ready yet, or perhaps they started but got distracted by life. Whatever the reason, they strayed from the academic route. Unfortunately, many find themselves further down the road wishing they would have stuck with it. Rather than assume that it’s too late, however, it’s essential to acknowledge that it may not be too late after all. No matter what your circumstances are, you might be able to find a solution, a workaround, to enable you to pursue further education. If time restraints are the main issue, then perhaps you should consider taking online courses, or limiting your load to only a few credits per quarter. There’s always a way if you are genuinely motivated.

Getting Married Too Young

Many young people rush into marriage early in their lives and/or very early in a relationship. Even though it stems from good intentions, and wanting to begin your life with someone, rushing too quickly into marriage can often lead to feeling trapped later on. Rather than assuming that you have to dive in, all or nothing right away, take some time to build a genuine friendship. Over time, you’ll see whether you think you’re capable of staying together forever. If more people took their time rather than get married so quickly, there probably would be fewer divorces.

Not Traveling Enough

A lot of people get wrapped up in everything they believe they must do to keep the rent and bills paid. They take on a lot of financial responsibilities, so they end up focusing on what “needs to be done” in order to make sure they’re taken care of. Concentrating so much on ensuring there’s food on the table, however, can lead to neglecting your hopes and dreams. When people push their travel plans further into the future, year after year, they end up finding themselves a few decades later without having traveled much at all. Make sure that you find a balance between your desires and needs rather than always having to deny yourself in order to make ends meet.

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