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There's so much great tech out there; it's a shame we can't buy it all! With a limited supply of money, it's tough picking out the things you should purchase. If you're looking for help, then you've come to the right place. Here are three tech things that I think every guy has to buy this year! Additional tip: When shopping during peak season, prices for products may spike in some stores, so be sure you get the best possible price at the time. Use browser extensions (such as that help with price comparison when shopping online, so you get an optimized price for the gadget you want to buy! 5



What's better than a normal watch? A smartwatch of course! Transport yourself into a spy movie and have a watch on your wrist that can do all manner of things. Smartwatches are slowly creeping into the public market, and we've seen a few great models this year. At the forefront is the Apple Watch, but there are also lots of great Android Wear watches too. A smartwatch is basically a shrunken down version of a smartphone that you can wear on your wrist. The idea is that it's easier for you to check messages and quickly Google things. You can even play games on some smartwatches. They're super fun and a great little gadget to have if you're into your tech stuff. I'd keep an eye on smartwatches if I were you, they're set to be the next big thing. 6

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Buying a tablet will be a purchase you won't regret! A tablet is kind of the middle ground between a laptop and a mobile phone. You can do all sorts of things on there, from playing games, to watching Netflix. As per this post by Bathshop321, watching Netflix is one of the top things people do in the tub. So, make sure you get a waterproof tablet, like the Sony Xperia Z3. Or, there are some cases out there that claim to be waterproof and can protect non-waterproof tablets. It's also a good idea to get a little stand for your tablet so you can prop it up on a desk, or by the side of the bath. You'll find that tablets come in varying sizes, so choose a size that fits your needs. If you don't want one of the larger ones, then there are smaller ones available that are just as good. Tablets are extremely fun, versatile, and great to kill boredom on long journeys. 7

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Games Console

If you have money spare and you're looking to treat yourself, buy a new games console. The next generation of gaming is upon us, with the Xbox One and PS4 leading the way. These two consoles are great and will give you hours of fun. Actually, scratch that, they'll give you days of fun. You will be playing them non-stop day after day. Seriously, a games console can be addictive, but in a harmless way of course! I'm not here to tell you which console you should get; there's always a huge debate as to which is better. In my opinion, they both make great choices, so get both if you can! But, if you can only afford one, then decide which is best for you. Have a play on both in-store and look at the game lineups. If one console sticks out as the clear winner for you, then go get it!  

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