It's not a big surprise that man spend a lot of their time trying to find ways to make themselves feel manlier than they already are. They're either asserting their manliness, or they're trying to prove to themselves just how manly they are. This is evident in their behaviors, especially with each other and around women they find attractive.

It's a funny dichotomy. The things a man finds masculine are often the very things that women find foolish and risky. In any case, there are things that men can do to make themselves feel super manly. These are things that won't put himself at risk, and they're things that need to be done that a woman is very appreciative of when the man takes them under his belt to accomplish on his day off.

The Car Stuff

What is changing the oil? It seems like it has to be done a lot, and the majority of women would rather just have a guy take it into the shop or change it himself. Cars are dirty and smelly. If there is anything that needs to be done maintenance wise, the man who gets the job done or takes the car where it needs to go to get the job done is a man who can show how good of a guy he is even when he'd rather do anything else in the world.

Tend to the Fixing

Throughout the work week, there are a lot of things that are bound to go wrong in the house. Perhaps the faucet has a leak. In situations like these, a man may feel compelled to repair it on his own. However, there may be times when a man's plans may not always work out. As a result, calling an expert plumber, such as those found at Lake Michigan Heating, Cooling, Plumbing ( or other similar services, might be a good option. Or maybe the fence in the backyard has been blown down by a wind storm. Whatever the need, if a man sees it and fills it whenever he has time, he will instantly feel better about himself, his home, and his ability to get things done even after a long and stressful work week.

Treat Himself

For the man who works hard all week and then comes home to take the car into the shop and fix the broken things around the house, a day of rest and self pampering is definitely in order. This can mean anything, depending on the man and his preferences. He might decide to play video games all afternoon, he might decide to shower and get a close shave at the barber shop. He might decide to chill out with the bros and watch sports while drinking beer.

The important thing is that he knows himself and he knows what needs to get done. If he's productive at work and productive at home, he can easily take a day and do nothing and feel good about the fact that he is able to manage life and his own needs with time for fun in the midst of it all.

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