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  So, you are considering getting a tattoo? You can’t wait to get your very first inking, especially as it seems like everyone else you know already has a tattoo or two. Your biggest worry is whether you can pull it off and what design you should have…   Obviously, only you can choose whether a tattoo is the right look for you, and if so, what design to go for. You may also be a little worried about whether you will end up regretting it. Out of all the people who get tattoos, only a small minority regret it. However, that is not to say that you won’t regret having it done - tattoos are personal, some people love them and some people hate them.   To help you decide whether a tattoo is for you, we have put together a list of three things you should think about before hitting the tattoo parlor.  

  1. Do you want a tattoo?

  So, it may sound like a silly question, but think about it properly. Do you really want to tattoo your skin? A tattoo is permanent; it is something that will most probably be with you for life, unless you undergo tattoo removal treatment, of course.   Start off by considering whether you are getting a tattoo because it is something you really want or whether you are doing it for someone else? Perhaps you want to make yourself seem cooler or find a way to fit in easier - if so, don’t get a tattoo. If you get a tattoo it should be for you, no one else.   1

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  1. Choose a design

  Tattoo designs are unlimited - if you can think it up, you can have it. While there are many websites, books and tattoo artists ideas to review, you can choose any design that you want. It is important to think this through properly. Remember that the image you choose, will stay on your body forever, so you really need to love it.   Whatever you do, do not be tempted to allow someone else to choose your tattoo design for you. Not only might you end up regretting the tattoo because you didn't choose the design, but a tattoo is meant to be a creative way to express yourself.   Remember, that it is never a good idea to walk into a tattoo shop without knowing what you want. Otherwise, you may end up rushing into a decision and choosing a design that you are not confident about.   For a tattoo design that you love, you will need to spend some time developing it or working with an artist to create it. To get a basic idea of what you want, have a look online for tattoo design examples.  
  1. Think about where you want your tattoo

  Once you have really thought about getting a tattoo and have picked a design, the next step is choosing where on your body you want it.   Think about the size of the tattoo design and where it will look best. Think about how visible you want the tattoo to be and whether or not you want to be able to cover it up sometimes.   Remember, that for certain things, like job interviews you will want to be able to cover your tattoo up, after all not everyone is a fan of inked skin.

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