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Throughout the year, there will probably be a handful of times that you give gifts to others. And while some of these gifts might be things that you've been looking forward to sharing with your loved ones, other gifts might feel like more of a necessity or requirement than anything else. For many people, gifts for their boss fall in this category. But just because you may not be as excited about these types of gifts as others doesn't mean that you have to give a substandard gift. So to help make this whole process a little easier on you, here are three tips for picking a gift for your boss.

Use Humour

Work can often be taken too seriously, which is exhausting for everyone. Lighten the mood by finding them a gift that you know will make them laugh, or if they're a tough nut to crack, get them something that will at least make them smile! Personalized BobbleHeads are one way of getting a giggle out of your boss, and it's something they can display in pride of place on their desk, so it should give your colleagues a good laugh too!

Try To Get A Group Gift Together

  Before you branch out on your own and attempt to find the perfect gift for your boss, Lahle Wolfe, a contributor to The Balance Careers, suggests that you try to get a group gift together first. Not only will this take all the attention off solely you for the gift, but it can also help make the financial investment of the gift feel less burdensome. And if you're able to get a big group of your coworkers together to go in on the gift with you, you might be able to get your boss something a little more expensive that your boss will truly love and appreciate.  

Plan Ahead and Take Notice

  When a group gift isn't going to happen, it's now time for you to put your gift giving hat on and find something that will be a great gift for your boss. To find this perfect thing, Abigail Wise, a contributor to Real Simple, advises that you try to plan ahead. Part of this planning ahead includes taking notice of things that your boss says, does, or needs during the time that you see him or her during the day. Once you've noticed something that could feel a need that he or she is having, either at work or in their personal life, try to make a mental note of this thing so that you can refer back to it once the time comes for you to be getting this gift for them.  

Have The Gift Reflect Your Relationship

  One of the best ways you can get ideas for a gift to give your boss, according to Emily Kelley, a contributor to The Bustle, is to think of a gift idea that would reflect the relationship that you have with your boss. If you don't have a very personal or friendly relationship, you shouldn't necessarily feel bad giving your boss a more generic gift that anyone might enjoy. But if you truly feel like you and your boss are friends or that your boss and you have a special relationship, either outside or at work, try to think of a gift that could draw on that relationship and make your gift giving that much more meaningful.   If you're having a hard time picking a gift for your boss, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you find the right thing.

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