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Addiction has become prevalent in many American homes. With everything from substance abuse to pornography permeating the family environment, it is no wonder the nuclear family is beginning to erode. Addiction can have devastating effects on individuals and families. It can lead to financial strain, emotional trauma, and even physical harm.

This is not all. Apparently, many Family Law Phoenix Attorneys (as well as the ones elsewhere) tend to report that addiction is one of the primary reasons for divorce and family disruption. Isn't it concerning? It certainly is. And that's why it needs to be addressed and taken seriously. The reason for a person's addiction can stem from a number of different things. The key is to know when they are at their weakest and to step in before they turn to a substance.

Alcoholism is a dangerous addiction because alcohol tends to be present at many family dinners and outings. Wine is a normal dinner beverage and beer is common at football games. Trying to remove all of these temptations from your loved one can be difficult, but may be necessary for their health. Included here are a few ways alcoholism is destroying families.

Poor Financial Status

For many people, purchasing alcohol is an extra expense. It is something you can have only if you have met all of your other monthly budget costs and want to splurge on a nice bottle of wine. Unfortunately, for those suffering from alcoholism, the need for alcohol is constant and this can severely damage a family's financial status over time.

If all of your extra money is being drunk away, you will be unable to save for upward movement. No chance of settling in your own home or buying a more reliable car if there are no savings left. Some families may be forced into poverty-like situations because of the father's drinking. This financial cost is especially dangerous in families where the father is the sole-provider and mother is unable to speak out about how "his" money is spent.

Increased Family Tension

All of the stress surrounding addiction will begin to take a toll on your family. As demonstrated in The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, members of the family became anxious and quiet when their father came home from work. His drinking caused them to fear him and he lost relationship with many of his children.

Blame and Shame

The cycle of alcoholism can be especially straining on the marriage relationship. An addict likely is not contributing around the household or even being entirely present in family affairs. This can cause the spouse to have to pick up all of the slack in household management and parenting.

Oftentimes, the alcoholic will begin to blame other people for his problem. It may be a fight with his wife, or the lack of money, or his terrible job, all of these things may make him feel he is justified in drinking. The family will become embarrassed by their alcoholic father and not want him at events or school functions with them; both of these things are toxic to family life.

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