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There are several things you’ll need to take into consideration when selecting your club ties. If you decide to opt for silk, you might also want to think about dye printing, and here are just four reasons why.

  1. 1. Lighter Weight
Dye printed ties are lighter than woven ties. Many wearers enjoy the added comfort this provides, especially during hotter weather. If your club ties will be worn almost exclusively inside, dye printing can be a good way to go. The lighter weight will also make the material feel crisper, and it will be easier to get the knot small without pulling too hard and creating unsightly creases.
  1. 2. Detail and Vibrancy
Dye printing involves the application of dye onto plain material using large screens. Fine detailing is easier to achieve using this technique – the effect will not be quite as sharp as digital printing, but the vast majority of club ties won’t require detailing any more precise than can be offered by dye printing. Beyond detail, dye printing also tends to produce far more vibrant colours.
  1. 3. Larger Logos and Crests
When you opt for woven tie printing instead of dye printing, you’re going to have to work around several limitations. For club ties, the most important limitation will be the one placed on your logo or crest – you’ll usually have to keep to a certain size. That isn’t always a problem, but it’s a factor well worth taking into account. If you want your crest or logo to be large and noticeable, dye printing is a good idea.
  1. 4. Unlimited Colour Combinations
Finally, dye printing allows you to include an unlimited number of colours at once. Most designs won’t need to go beyond a few colour options, but it’s always possible that you’ll require a greater array. If so, it makes sense to opt for dye printed ties.

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