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Getting a new puppy can be an exciting milestone whether you have a family or it's a companion just for you. Dogs can provide incredible friendship and loyalty which is unique from any sort of relationship you could have with an adult. As rewarding as it can be, however, it's important to remember that it comes with plenty of challenges. Initially, you'll want to get their behaviour sorted, which is where things like these Puppy Classes in Newcastle can really come in handy, as they'll learn some simple commands and get valuable socialization time with other puppies. In order to have the best possible experience as a newfound dog parent, it's crucial to ensure that you have all the essentials. When it comes to the biggest must-haves for your new dog, make sure that you have the following.

A Backyard

Dogs need to have space to run around freely. Although some smaller breeds can live in an apartment, it's ideal to have a fenced backyard so that they can go out as they please. When dogs don't get enough physical exercise, they can become prone to destroying things and even being aggressive. It's also a lot easier to housebreak them if you have a backyard at your disposal. Having to walk down several flights of stairs to get your dog outside to go poop or pee is asking for accidents on the way.

A Crate

Dogs who are learning not to pee in the house will catch on much faster with the help of a crate. Crate training involves leaving your dog in a container big enough for them to stand in but not walk in. If you have to leave them alone for several hours on end, you can leave them in the crate. Since dogs instinctively won't pee or poop in a small space which they are sleeping in, they'll learn to hold their bladders for longer periods of time. Most dog trainers will tell you that a crate is one of the most important parts of teaching your dog to coexist in your home.

A Bed

Dogs need to have their own space in the house which is entirely dedicated to them. It's important to get them a dog bed where they can sleep, and nap and no one will bother them in that space. However, choosing a dog bed isn't always the easiest task. The right dog bed for your pet really depends on their size, their breed and even their future health needs. Even though your new family friend is only a puppy right now, it'll soon be fully grown and needing the comfort it deserves! Whether you choose to buy a Calming dog bed that aims to keep dogs as cosy as possible, or a bed you want them to have throughout their life with plenty of growth space - make sure to do your research! After all, choosing the wrong bed can lead to many sleep issues and disruptive behaviour during the night.

Leash and Collar

Since your dog won't know how to heel right away, it's essential to get a quality leash and collar to keep them from running into traffic or getting into trouble which can happen while on walks. It may take some time for them to catch onto the process, but over time with enough patience and dedication on both of your parts, your dog will successfully walk on a leash without pulling or trying to run away from you.