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Do you consider yourself an open-minded person? If so, how do you know if this is an active truth, or if it is merely an opinion that you have of yourself? It's a very intriguing question to ask, and what it will ultimately lead to is you questioning what your cultural integrity is like, especially as related to the world or the people around you.   As an example, think of going through with these following options and activities so that you demonstrably broaden your worldview. Perhaps you want to go on an educational tour at some time to allow someone else to present you with practical information. Maybe you want to learn a new language. Perhaps you should start spending time reading more world news as opposed to just sticking with what you're already familiar with. And finally, if you check out discussion forums where people from other cultures talk, you can learn a lot simply by observing those processes.  

Educational Tours

  You may go on educational tours, wearing stylish letter jackets you're specifically aiming to learn things about other people and other places. Educational tours can be focused on college students, or even elementary through high school students, but you can learn a lot as an adult too if you choose to go on one of these journeys. Because the focus of educational tours specifically on culture and learning, then you know you won't have to worry about entertainment getting in the way of your desires. While it may be tempting to look presentable and stylish wearing letter jackets on educational tours ( to impress the girls of your batch as a senior student, your main focus should be on the learning part. These things are also important, but if you have the opportunity to learn something new outside of your bookish knowledge, you should take it.

Learning Languages

  Another way that you can improve your cultural integrity is by learning languages. Maybe you have always been fascinated by Spanish or Russian. Check out books or look to other multimedia sources and find out what you can do to begin learning the language and culture of a different group of people. If you choose to learn a language with a native speaker, not only will you have inside information, but you'll also potentially make friends and associates during the process.  

Reading World News

  On a personal level, you can read world news every day. Maybe you know everything that's going on in your community, your city, or even in your state, but how much you know about things that are happening on the other side of the world? With a few clicks or button pushes on your phone or desktop, you can become aware of at least the basics of different cultures to improve your essential understanding of the world around you.  

Visiting Discussion Forums

  A final way that you can improve your cultural integrity is by watching how people in other cultures discuss things among themselves. There are all sorts of exciting ways that you can view, observe, or listen to these kinds of discussions. Maybe you listen to podcasts that have specific topics to cover. Or, you can find online discussions where you can examine what people say to each other regarding certain kinds of themes. In all of these cases, you learn from the language and energy that is used.