If you've decided to provide special club ties for your members, there are plenty of options to consider, from the right material to the right design. One thing that people often fail to think about is whether they should provide those ties in their own presentation boxes. In fact, it's common for people to forget this is even an option, but here are just four reasons why it's a good idea.

1. Made for Presentation

If you're going to present members with a tie, it only makes sense to use a presentation box! A club tie is somewhere between a gift and a purchase; it's certainly something that comes as a perk of belonging, but you only get it through joining up. A presentation box essentially covers both bases, giving your tie the feel of both a purchase and a privilege.

2. Convenient Storage

Most types of packaging are thrown away as soon as someone gets home, but presentation boxes are a rare exception. Since they can be perfectly fitted for purpose and made to look attractive instead of merely functional, they are normally kept to store the item in question; few people, for example, will throw away the box their earrings or necklace came in. Providing presentation boxes or even Custom Boxes, for that matter, can give your members a convenient place to keep their ties. It might also be useful for you since ties can be stacked in their presentation boxes ready to be given out without a worry about dust or damage.

3. Adds Value

One of the main reasons why high-end department stores tend to use presentation boxes with their products is that doing so will seem to add value. If you're providing someone with a premium product, it only complements that item's value if you take the effort to present it in its own special container. The same rule is going to hold true when you present ties for your club; providing ties in their own presentation box is going to make them seem more prestigious, and doing so will also nicely complement the occasion.

4. Chance for Additional Branding

Finally, keep in mind that custom presentation boxes can be personalized with your club's branding. This will also raise the perceived value of the tie, and you'll have the chance to extend the reputation of your club.

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