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Sometimes, even though we have the best intentions in mind for a relationship with someone, we can tend to stay longer than we really should. The reasons for staying can vary from person to person but usually, it comes down to fear, lack of self-confidence about finding someone new, or even just laziness.

Staying in a relationship that no longer serves you, however, does nothing but damage you in the long run. Staying in unhealthy situations which suck the life out of you will only lead you to a road of unhappiness and unfulfillment. Not sure whether it's time to call it quits on your relationship or not? Here are some of the telltale signs to look for that it's time to say goodbye.  

You Engage In Unhealthy Behavior Together

  If you and your partner engage in behavior that is destructive together then you may have negative associations in your relationship. Sometimes you associate the person you're with an unhealthy pattern and until you stop spending time with them you will never stop engaging in that action.

  Try to take a good look at yourself and your life and determine whether you think that you have the ability to stop taking part in self-destruction as long as you remain with your partner.  

You Fight Frequently

  Fighting isn't something that needs to happen. Although disagreements can occur from time to time you should never believe that fighting is normal and a necessary part of being in a relationship.

  If you find yourself frequently feeling distressed and tensions are high more often than not, you should seriously consider that your relationship has run its course.   The purpose of a relationship is to be happy, so why settle for anything less?  

You Feel Lonely Despite Being With Someone

  If you have a sense of loneliness, that doesn't seem to waver despite being in a relationship, then this could be a strong indication that you aren't well suited for each other. The things that you crave in a relationship, such as physical intimacy, are hard to come by, so you are having to turn to the videos on sites like Tube v Sex to find pleasure instead. And while this works for some people, if you are in a relationship, this could be something you expect.

When you are with someone yet you don't share things in common this may be a strong sign that you aren't actually in a relationship at all but merely an obligation to someone.

 A relationship serves as a connection with someone else to share with, discovering things with and feel as if you have a partner in life.  

Therapy Has No Effect

  If you have tried therapy with your partner and find that despite your efforts nothing seems to help, then you definitely should consider that there is no turning things around for your relationship.

  Giving therapy a try is the first step to attempting to repair your dynamic, so don't feel like a failure if it doesn't work. Sometimes certain things just can't be repaired.

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