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When it comes down to the difference between enjoying a few drinks here and there and having a full blown addiction which requires treatment, sometimes the lines can be blurred. Identifying a dependence from light abuse can be a gray area which isn't as easy as you would think to identify.

Not all alcoholics are the same. There are a variety of different kinds which vary from person to person. But there are some telltale signs you can look for within yourself to help rule out whether you think you might be a full blown addict or not. Take a look at some of the top 4 signs that you might be an alcoholic.

You Make Fun Of Sobriety

Sometimes you can find yourself in a social setting where drinking is considered simply part of the norm. Heavily drinking in a bar is just a normal thing you do between friends. To some people, it never even occurs to them that there are other things that you can do for social outings.

If you find yourself being confused or even a little bitter about friends who aren't drinking with you, and find yourself inserting jokes about being sober, or anything with the subtext "I thought you used to be fun," you may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol that needs to be looked into a little deeper. It could be possible that you need some form of alcohol addiction help.

Is the idea of sobriety all that horrible? Many people hardly drink and find themselves just as uninhibited and carefree as anyone who is drinking. It's all about the habits you build. If you start to convince yourself that you can't have fun without alcohol, then it won't be long before you've convinced yourself of that reality.

You Blackout When You Drink

It's fairly common to have blacked out one or two times in your life when you are first getting an idea of what your tolerance is for alcohol in your younger years. Or perhaps you attend a special event like a birthday or a big holiday where the alcohol is flowing and you simply lose track of how many you've put back.

However, when blacking out becomes a normal and acceptable byproduct of drinking that happens fairly frequently, you may want to reassess how normal it really is.

Every time you black out you are putting yourself at risk for death. Blacking out with memory loss is a symptom of alcohol poisoning and excessive exposure could lead to serious consequences.

You Can't Say No To an Opportunity To Drink

Perhaps it's easy for you to sit at home and not have a drink in hand. Many people fall back on this logic as to why they don't consider themselves an alcoholic. However, if you find yourself in social situations where a drink is offered and you can't seem to say no, this is when the real resistance to temptation comes into play.

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