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We could all do with taking our fitness a little more seriously, by all accounts. Every time you turn on the news it’s hard not to hear about the developing obesity crisis. There are some obvious reasons why we’re all getting bigger. The food we buy at the supermarket is often packed with sugar and drenched in unhealthy - albeit tasty - fat, and many of spend too long sitting down. The trouble is; one of the most common ways of getting fit is something that a lot of people detest. Going to the gym can be a painful experience for some. They are highly competitive places, and if you aren’t already in good shape, it can be intimidating. Which, leaves a problem. However, there are plenty of alternatives to the gym, which I thought I would go into today. Do a mixture of all of them and you should get a well-rounded amount of exercise each week. Let’s get started. 7

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Start a sports team

Team sports are a great way of getting fit, and it’s never been easier to start your own. Choose a game that you and your friends love and book out a court for some practice sessions. You could join a local league once you are capable enough, or just start your own to add some competitive edge. Football trophies are dead cheap to buy, and everyone has a chippy mate that is perfect referee material. All you need to do is book some block sessions at your local sports hall or pitch, and you’re away.

Go swimming

Now, I appreciate that the swimming pool can be even more embarrassing than the gym. However, you can go in with a fair amount of anonymity. Let’s be honest, very few people you know will recognise you in a swimsuit, goggles, swimming hat and nose pincher. And, you’ll also look like you are an experienced swimmer, which will hopefully give your confidence a boost. A few sessions in the early morning every week will do you the world of good.

Do a DVD course

There are hundreds of fitness DVDs out there, and there’s bound to be one that you feel comfortable with. You could start with the standard celebrity workouts that are on sale after every Christmas. Then, you can progress to the full-on packages and fitness courses that you get from the likes of The best thing about them is that you can do them on your own, with the curtains closed, and no-one will ever know. It takes some discipline, but after the first few weeks you should be flying.

Read ‘You Are Your Own Gym.'

I love this little book. It’s a fitness plan created by an ex-special forces chap from the States. It’s a whole bunch of exercises that gets you into shape, just from using your bodyweight. It’s cheap to buy, and there is no extra equipment to worry about. Again, it takes some discipline - but if you are on a budget and need more exercise, it’s a great way to start getting fit. Good luck with the new fitness regime - and enjoy yourself!  

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