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Going on a first date is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience.  Since you never know when the woman you’re about to spend the date with could be the potential love of your life, there can be a lot of pressure to make the best impression possible.   Since you may be feeling nervous and unsure about yourself due to the pressure, it’s easy to make the wrong impression on your date.  Your nerves can cause you to trip up and do things that your normal self may not have done typically. Therefore, in order to avoid giving the wrong impression of yourself, here are some of the things that you should never do on a first date.  

Get Drunk

  Although alcohol is usually accepted in a wide variety of environments, it causes people to lose their inhibitions and do things that they may regret later.   In addition to changing your behavior, you could put yourself in danger.  Nobody’s idea of a romantic first date is facing charges for reckless behavior.   Stay on the safe side and keep yourself under control.  Sip your drink slowly if you must have alcohol, and observe your behavior.  If you start to feel a dramatic change in how you’re acting, it may be time to take a cab before it’s too late.  

Talk About Your Ex

  The last thing that your potential new lady wants to hear about is your ex.  Although there’s nothing shameful about having relationships previously, it’s not very romantic to talk about your love life with someone else.   Try to avoid this subject at all costs if you can help it.  If they ask you about your exes, try to keep it lighthearted and simple.  Don’t get into a heartfelt monologue about how you lost the love of your life.  

Ask Personal Questions

  Although first dates are all about exploring who you both are and discovering each other’s interests, be careful not to cross the line when asking questions.  Getting too personal too soon can make your date feel awkward.   Try to watch her behavior and reactions.  If she starts to squirm when you ask questions that may seem too invasive, be sure to pull back and change the subject as soon as possible.  

Only Talk About Yourself

  If there’s one guaranteed way to turn someone off, it’s talking incessantly about yourself.  Try to find a balance in the conversation to ask questions about the other person too.   A good conversationalist knows how to share as well as ask questions about the other person. Always find time in your conversation to switch the subject to the other person occasionally. Otherwise, you may give the impression that you’re self-centered.     Finally, be sure to make a great impression with you're appearance. It isn't just clothes that make a big difference but also your personal grooming standards. Try the advice on Get Shave Advice on how to get yourself well-groomed and first date ready.