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When it comes to the new world of dating, most men tend to rely on the comfort of their phone or computer screen in order to approach a woman.  By sitting behind a screen rather than having to face her, you are eliminating a huge amount of discomfort that can happen when you’re turned down. What you’re also doing, however, is selling yourself short.  The world of female and male interaction is all about chemistry and feeling a certain amount of fireworks in person that you just can’t duplicate over text. Although it’s rare these days to ask a woman out in person, it’s certainly not something you should count out just yet.  A lot of women would love to be asked out in person as opposed to over a dating app.  Not sure how to do it?  Here are some of the best things to get you started.  

Opportunity Is Everywhere

  You never know where you are going to see the woman of your dreams.  It’s important to always stay on your toes and be on the lookout for potential connections.  Looking at your phone with your head down in a supermarket, for example, is robbing yourself of the possibility of being able to potentially connect with someone.   Whether it’s in the parking lot, or in line.  Maybe you’ll even bump into a girl cinematically in the street and she’s actually your future wife.  It’s important to always stay aware and avoid shutting yourself out in social situations.  

Be Sincere

  When you finally do get brave enough to go up to her and speak, make sure that you aren’t trying to come across as overly confident.  It’s important to be as sincere as possible and engage in genuine conversation.   This way you can ensure that you aren’t coming across as phony, or worse, creepy.  Talk to her as you would one of your buddies, and remember to smile.  

Compliment Her

  Make sure that you compliment her on what it is that you like about her without being inappropriate.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical.     Compliments go a long way in any situation, and when you’re about to ask someone out on a date, it can be your greatest tool.

Be Creative

  Rather than striking up a conversation about the clouds or your favorite sports team, why not comment on something interesting.  Humor, in particular, goes a long way with the opposite sex.   It can be a great icebreaker to make a lighthearted joke which gets her laughing.  Once she’s laughing it’s much easier to ease into the next step of asking her out.   Regardless of what happens, stay confident and don’t take it personally.

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