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It's well known that the world is a competitive place for men. Especially with regards to things like relationships, professionalism, and overall respectability, it's tough to stay on top of creating the type of persona that you want presented. However, because it does require some effort in order to do it right, when you have completed your competitive persona, it really has a great number of benefits.   And persona is slightly different than personality, in that your personality is sort of built-in, whereas a persona is something you can create. A few examples of ways for men to create this more competitive outward projection of themselves is by following through with certifications, wearing a suit, picking up habits of confidence, and creating a focused social media presence. There are lots of other things possible as well, but these can get you started.  

Follow Through With Certifications

  It always looks good to have letters after your name on a business card, and it always looks good to be able to say that you have finished some sort of professional degree of education. So, if you do things like follow through and get your CPE certification, it shows that you are more responsible, more educated, and more driven than the people who have not gone through a similar process. The same holds true with other certifications or degrees. So not only do you gain knowledge and contacts within the social realm, your presentation of self also gains benefits.  

Wear a Suit

  And as a man, whether you are comfortable in them or not, you have to learn to wear a suit. There are all sorts of occasions during your lifetime were simply looking the part will do more for you than any other factor. There may be money involved. There may be time and practice involved when it comes to putting on the suit correctly and learning how to move around in it. But all those things will be worth it when you achieve a competitive result that other people can't.  

Pick Up Habits of Confidence

  Learning confident habits is another huge plus for creating a competitive persona. Habits of confidence will create much better first impressions with people, and it will also tend to put you in more leadership roles among groups who don't have similar habits. This is not to mean that you have to be aggressive in a way that makes you disliked. It does mean you should learn to assert yourself however.  

Create a Focused Social Media Presence

  And finally, no current persona is complete without a social media presence in today's competitive world. You should showcase the things that you are good at without bragging. You should avoid talking negatively about pretty much anything. And you should learn the proper balance almost on a weekly basis of the number of things you should be posting, and topics you should be posting about. Again, this takes practice to do correctly, but the results will make it worth the effort.

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