There's no question that you want to keep her family as safe as possible. And if you think logistically, that means one of the most useful things that you can do is know what the most common accidents and injuries are for people in your family's situation, and then work to find ways to prevent them from happening.   Consider there are a few things you can do right off the bat. Your whole family can learn basic first aid. If anyone is involved in sports, you can get the right safety equipment. You can teach your family to practice yellow light behavior. Also, you can make sure that communication lines are open at the appropriate times so that everyone can talk to each other about safety issues as necessary.  

Learn Basic First Aid

  It only takes a few hours to learn basic first aid. Take that time to go over everything with all of your family members in an age-appropriate manner. Even the most simple activities such as sterilizing the wound and putting a bandage on it can make a huge difference when it comes to preventing further damage from injuries. There are many first aid courses being run around the world and you can learn more about c2c's first aid training here, for example. Knowing that everyone in your family can take care of themselves and potentially help others is a benefit of this knowledge.  

Get Sports Safety Equipment

  If anyone in your family plays sports, get them the right safety equipment. Buy them helmets. Get them fitted with mouth guards. Get the right shoes, shin guards, pads – make sure that all of the possible common injuries are something that you know of and do as much as you can to prevent. There are always aches and pains associated with sports, but if your child ends up with a preventable injury, you're going to be irritated at yourself for not paying more attention.  

Practice Yellow Light Awareness

  Lots of people wander around thinking nothing terrible is going to happen to them. While this may be an enjoyable psychological space, it is not realistic! Teach your family to be aware of their surroundings. A good example is that all of your family members who can drive should practice defensive driving at all times. It is a simple solution to prevent the majority of car issues on the road.  

Keep Communication Lines Open

  Sometimes safety from injury and accident is a matter of communication. You need to make sure that your children or other family members can get a hold of you if they have any questions about their health or safety. Make yourself available so that they know they can come to if they're curious about how to stay safe in many different types of situations.