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  I think I’m getting old. I’ve started to find myself tutting at youngsters who go out at night without a warm jacket on. I’ve also become partial to a bit of Countryfile on a Sunday evening. My life is over - right? Well, maybe not. It's true I am finding certain things that young people love a little too much these days. But I certainly haven’t lost my interest in everything I grew up with. I guess I’m just starting to be a little more careful. Whether it’s a mid-life crisis of sorts, I don’t know. But anyway, here are four things from my youth, which I have replaced with alternatives.


I thought I would always be in a pair of trainers. But it turns out that as I get older, I’m not sure they are all that appropriate. It dawned on me the other day when out on a work’s drinks night. Some fella walked in wearing skinny jeans, a pair of fly knits and a snapback cap. The thing was, he was almost as old as my dad and honestly, it wasn’t a great look. So, I’m going to be saying goodbye to the sale at ASOS, and start shopping S.E.H.Kelly instead. I think it’s about time I got fitted into some more gentlemanly threads.


When I was younger, I could drink coffee all day, some of the evening, and maybe even polish one off before bed. And I could still get to sleep. Well, it appears the old metabolism is starting to get a little sluggish because these days it’s turning me into a nervous wreck. The shakes? Check. Irritability after a coffee? Check. Inability to operate until I’ve had three strong ones? Check. So, Goodbye my old friend. There’s a new player in town called Rooibos Tea. I have no idea what it tastes like yet, but I’ve heard wonderful things. And, it has a cool name.


I’m not saying that once you reach a certain age, you should stop skateboarding. Far from it, and I raise my hat to all that continue this awe-inspiring pursuit. But, I fear my days on the board are long gone. Why? Because it hurts. Sure, there are days when I wouldn’t mind showing off an ollie to the kids that knock about at the end of the road. The trouble is, I know it will conclude with a visit to A&E. So I have been looking for alternatives and have found something that is much more me - Much more elegant, right? Plus, they look like the hoverboards from Back II The Future and don’t seem quite so ridiculous as a normal Segway. 1




When I first started going clubbing many moons ago, it was brilliant. There was community spirit,  connections made, and the atmosphere was electric. These days, it’s different. I’m not saying it’s worse, but it’s most definitely different. Shuffling, for example, hadn’t caught on yet to the extent it has now. Which was only a good thing, as far as I'm concerned. These days, I’m happy enough sitting at home watching Boiler Room TV, if I'm honest. So, there you go. Am I getting old? Older, certainly, but there’s life in me yet! Just a lot more Horlicks to go with it.  

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