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According to latest figures, the average cost of a funeral exceeds 4,000. This is not a sum of money that a lot of people have in their bank and releasing fund from the estate to cover for the funeral may not be immediately available. It is important to plan ahead as best as you can and here are some things you should consider.

Funeral or Cremation?

The costs for each of these are very different with the cost of a funeral a lot more expensive than a cremation. You can get direct cremation quotes online where these will detail what the annual or monthly payment is depending on your requests or needs. With the cost of an average cremation being less than 2,000, the monthly fee connected to this wouldn't typically be very high therefore would be considered a good investment. Holding a funeral however, can be slightly more costly in comparison, because of which a lot of people tend to plan beforehand by looking into insurance companies that can provide Final Expense Insurance or similar policies, as it might help them cover such high expenses. Moreover, not only are the costs a consideration factor but the needs of the individual. There are many people that have a preference on whether when they pass away if they should be buried or cremated. In terms of support from the funeral directors, this is the same for either option.


Flowers are a must at either a funeral or cremation. The costs of these do not have to be excessive and many friends and family will look to donate flowers as a sign of showing respect and tradition. Standard flowers may not cost a lot but there may be a request to have flowers spread in a way as to it spells out the individuals name or relationship like "Dad" – these can be slightly more expensive. Funeral Flowers can add a personal touch onto the day by doing something like this, or even by choosing specific colours to represent the deceased. Florists are willing to work hard to give you the perfect flowers for the day.

Coffin and Casket

Despite whether or not you have opted for a cremation or a funeral there will be a requirement to have a coffin. These range significantly in price and the funeral director will many different options as to pricing. Some people opt for caskets which are far more expensive than a coffin and have a very much quality and prestige look. If someone so desired, you can have coffins purchased or designed around themes – this could be something symbolic around the individual like a sports team that they supported.

Collection of deceased

The collection of the deceased is usually all incorporated in with the overall fee you would pay to the funeral director company. If this is not set up though then it could become a problem. If funds are not available then generally the government will support with this payment.

Funeral Plans

An option to pay in advance for the funeral or cremation that you want. A fixed price funeral plan ensures that there is minimum hassle when the individual is deceased. Not only does it help with the costs as this is paid for in advance but it helps with personalisation and ensures that the wished of the individual are executed in line with what it is they actually wanted. This is all agreed and defined at the early stages and as soon as someone joins the funeral plan. Image: Pixabay

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