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Most of the attention, when it comes to lifestyle accessories, is going to be spent on women. Most of the advertising, most of the money, most of the tension and release - it's all going to be centered on female decisions.

However, there are a few things in the realm of lifestyle accessories for men that are up for some attention, as they can point to certain personality aspects or other demographical or group information. So, whether you're observing others or making the lifestyle decisions for yourself, consider the topics of cigars, pajamas, watches, hats, and slippers.


There are lots of celebratory occasions where men are going to want to smoke cigars. Retirement parties, births of children, business meetings, promotions, or even just outside relaxing at a cookout. And since you don't want to be seen as an outsider, you should know the basics of cigars, and you should even buy a few every once in awhile just to enjoy by yourself or with friends in order to understand some of the culture behind it. It can be a very meditative experience for people who know the cultural stigmas around it.


Buying a good pair of pajamas can help you define your style as a man. And think about it. Who are the people that are going to see you around bed time? Who are going to be the people who see you when you're lounging? That's right - important people. So not only are you picking pajamas for your own personality and preferences; you're also picking them out to communicate yourself to others.

The Right Watch

One of the most understated but important style choices a man can make is what type of watch he wears. Is it expensive, gaudy, plain, practical, or sporty? Those types of questions will often answer what type of person the man is as well, or at least what he's trying to communicate to the outside world. Once again, in this case it's about lifestyle symbology as seen through accessories and objects.


The right selection of hats can make a big impression on other people as well. How much can you immediately tell about someone who wears a cowboy hat? Or a fedora? That's why the lifestyle symbology is so important - because everyone is going to install their preconceived notions on you as soon as they see what's on your head.


Finally, there is the matter of slippers. These are the articles of clothing you put on your feet when you want comfort. And from there, you get to decide personality and style. Are you a goofy person, or a serious one? The kind of slippers you choose will show the world the answer!

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