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Gaming is not just a pastime - it is a tradition. For true gamers, there is nothing more exciting than knowing you can dedicate an entire night to online play. Unfortunately, not everybody shares your passion. There are some things that other people just don't get, no matter how many times you try to explain. Here are some funny things that only gamers will understand.  

#1 The pain of wearing away your keyboard keys 

If you are a classic computer or laptop gamer, you will know the pain of your keys wearing away. The buttons used to have such clear markings, didn't they? Now, it looks as though all the keys are blank. Some online games are simply addictive, like the ones on When you get into a game, it is hard to stop. That means you spend hours tapping away at the keys. Over time, that excessive game-play means just one thing - you need to write the letters on your keyboard. Never mind, though, it was totally worth it!  

#2 How no one should enter your man cave 

Every gamer needs a man cave where they can hide away. There is nothing worse than someone interrupting you when you are in the middle of a game. When you are just about to complete a level, and someone walks in and disturbs you, you want to scream and shout at them. But, you know that is not nice, so you smile and ask them what they want. On the inside, though, you are fuming. Your man cave is a sacred place and nobody should enter it without your permission.  

#3 Why you need to queue up for a new release (at midnight) 

Your friends think that you are crazy when you tell them that you are heading to town at midnight for the latest game release. "Why can't you just get it the next day?" they ask you in judgmental tones. They don't get it. There is no point in having the latest game if you don't get it the minute it comes out. There is something special about waiting for the store owner to open the doors and let in the crowds. Getting the latest game is like a VIP party and only gamers get invites. 3

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#4 How you still enjoy classic games no matter what people say

  No matter how many new games come out, you have to remember the classics. Mario is your hero. He always will be, no matter what anyone says. Zelda is another one of your favorites. It doesn't matter how many amazing games they experts release now; there is just no beating classic arcade games. If you have still kept some of your old consoles, you are a true veteran of the gaming community. Well done, sir.  

#5 Shouting at the console or computer screen

  When things start going wrong, there is only one thing to do - shout! If you are losing at a game, you can always shout at the console or computer. No, it might not help, but it will sure make you feel better about things. If your family think you are insane for getting passionate about games, it is because they don't understand you. Shouting at the computer might seem extreme, but they would do the same if they were playing.   Playing games is not for everyone, but for a select few, it can be one of the best ways to spend some time. If you adore gaming, don't be shy about it, let everybody know! There is no shame in being a true gamer. In fact, it is something that should make you oh-so-proud.    

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