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Whether you are heading out to a party, off for a night out with the lads or on a date, it’s only natural that you want to look your best. Don’t know where to start with pre-night out grooming? Don’t worry that is where we come in - we have lots of tips and idea to help you. To find out more, have a read below:

  1. Focus on your skin

  Exfoliating is by far, the best way to freshen up your skin before a night out, and best of all, it only takes a minute or two. By using a good exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells from the surface, you will expose fresh, healthy skin cells, making your skin look clearer and healthier.   While you are in the shower, apply a small amount of face scrub to your fingertips and gently massage into face. Focus on the chin, cheeks and forehead, and make sure to avoid the delicate area around the eyes. Alternatively, you could always give exfoliating face wipes a try. 4

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  1. Wash your hair

  Before a big night out, it is always a good idea to give your hair a quick wash. Washing your hair will not only get rid of any greasiness, but it will also make your hair appear thicker and healthier.   To save time, opt for a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Ideally, you want one with a subtle scent to it, so that your hair smells lovely and fresh.  
  1. Shave or trim your beard

  Prior to a night on the town, it is always a good idea to neaten yourself up, and that starts with your facial hair.   Make sure that you leave yourself enough time to shave - you can either clean shave with a wet shaver or can use a beard trimmer to neaten up you look. While the clean shaven look may not be for you, you can always use an electric shaver to trim your beard and smarten it up.  
  1. Moisturise

  To avoid dry, flaky skin, it is essential that you moisturise after exfoliating and shaving. Opt for a non-greasy day moisturiser that is quick to absorb but incredibly moisturising.   If moisturiser isn’t your thing, consider investing in an in-shower moisturizers that can be washed off before you get out of the shower. In-shower moisturisers are great if you don’t like waiting for your moisturiser to dry.  
  1. Spritz yourself with aftershave or body spray

  When picking a fragrance for a night out, remember that in terms of staying power, not all scents are the same. For a big night out, you want to pick a fragrance that not only smells great, but that has excellent staying power and stays in place all night.   As well as the fragrance you pick, where you apply it can have an effect on how long it will last for. Avoid applying aftershave to your neck, as it is prone to wear off more quickly. Instead, apply your favourite scent to your chest and upper arms.    

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