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A lot of home improvement projects end up getting stuck in the 'feminine' category. Decorating, detail painting, changing things around during the holidays - culturally, those are classically jobs that end up with the woman in a relationship. But what are some obviously manly projects to take on?

Consider fixing the roof, building a game room, constructing an outdoor gazebo, putting up a rustic-style property line fence, or even fixing up the garage. All of those things can definitely hang a masculine hat on the project management spectrum.

Fix That Roof

One of the easiest ways for damage to creep through your home is through a leaking roof. As you'll aready be aware, the longer you leave a serious problem like a leaking roof unattended, the more damage it can do to your home in the long run, which will only leave you in a messier situation than when you started. So whether you look for companies like SEI Roofing for Roofers in Carrollton to come and fix the problem for you, or if you try to take on the patchwork yourself, starting with the top of the home is definitely a step in the right direction. Visualize the shirtless dude on a summer day banging nails into shingles and you catch the philosophical drift.

Create a Game Room

Have an unfinished basement? Like playing darts, pool, or air hockey? Create a man cave environment and turn that area into a game room. Since the basement is out of the way, your construction isn't going to affect the rest of the household so much, so you're on your own schedule as well. Not only will this be a great place for you, but if you have kids it will be a great hangout as well.

Build a Gazebo

If you want to use power tools, precision measurement, and creative designs, think about building a gazebo in your backyard. You'll have to make a lot of noise, and you'll build some muscle in the process as well. All good things for guys that are getting restless and have some energy to burn, but want to improve their homes as well.

Put Up a Property Line Fence

You've seen the old movies where the alpha male cowboy spends his extra time putting in fence posts around the property line to keep the cattle from running away. Maybe that's not really your scene, but the idea is still good if you want to delineate what's yours from what's theirs.

Fix Up the Garage

And the garage is typically the realm of the man as well. Buy some shelves, organize your tools, and turn it into a place where you can relax and work. But in the process of creating this organization, you'll be improving the overall value of your home as well. Think of the difference between parking in a garage where everything is everyone, and then think of what it looks like with all your tools hung and shelves organized.


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