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Most people drive their vehicles to and from regular locations every day thinking nothing of becoming a statistic in a car accident. Oddly enough, the numbers behind the possibility of you being in a car accident are somewhat staggering for the average perspective.   Four years ago, the estimated lifetime odds of being in a fatal car accident were 1 in 645, which is considerably high when you consider other odds. The 2014 odds of dying from a drug overdose was 1 in 7,586.   The point is, that finding yourself involved in a car accident is a realistic possibility within the span of your life, and you should prepare yourself. Here is a brief overview of a few things you should do directly after being involved in a car accident.  

Check the condition of everyone involved

  The first thing you should do (if you're okay) is to assess the condition of everyone else in the vehicle. If everyone is okay, generally speaking, get out of the car as fast as possible. There is typically extra danger added if you stay in the vehicle.   Check the condition of everyone else involved. If you can safely check on the other drivers and passengers involved in the accident, do so. Otherwise, move to a safe area, and notify the police.  

Move your vehicle to safety

  Another tentative step would be to move your vehicle to a safe area. If you can still drive the vehicle, move it to the side of the road away from traffic. If you cannot move the vehicle, get your body to a safe spot until the authorities arrive.  

Call the local authorities

  Once all human life is safe and secure, call 911. Chances are good that someone else has already called the authorities, but it's better to make certain that help is on its way.   While you are waiting for help to arrive, begin gathering information from the other people involved in the accident. Names, insurance cards, phone numbers, etc...  

Document everything about the accident

  Document everything you possibly can regarding the accident. Use your mobile phone to take copious pictures of the vehicles, the surroundings, and anything else you think may matter. You will thank yourself for being thorough should fault come under scrutiny later on in the aftermath.  

Notify the proper resources

  Once the police have cleared you to leave the scene of the accident, you should immediately notify your vehicle's insurance company. Your car insurance agent will lead you through the process of reimbursement from there. If you were injured in the car accident, you may want to seek out a legal consultation with a lawyer who specializes in accident injury cases. These lawyers can help you fight for justice if the accident wasn't your fault, or defend you if it was your fault but an accident and so on. You are always better off with a lawyer if you think your case will be taken to court. Therefore searching for the right lawyer, such as those from is very important.

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