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Choosing the right venue for your big day can be a pressing decision. Since you want to make sure that your marriage plays out exactly the way you've always dreamed it would, the setting has high importance. Although weddings are supposed to be a joyous and celebratory occasion, there can often be so much stress surrounding the planning that it can take away from the fun. This doesn't have to be your situation, however. Follow these tips to choose the best wedding venue with the least amount of stress.  

Look Within Your Budget

  Take a realistic look at your budget and look at wedding venues which are in that price range. There's no use making yourself suffer drooling over places which are entirely out of your budget. Keep it simple and only view the sites which are possible for what you're looking to spend.   Ultimately, the price isn't the deciding factor of what makes a place the best or not. There may be a close to free venue out there for you that's just perfect. It's all about finding the right one that resonates with you personally.  

Make Sure It Can Achieve Your Overall Vision

  A wedding is an opportunity to display your love in an artistic and intimate presentation. When you close your eyes what kind of vision do you have? Do you see a themed wedding? Perhaps you see yourself have a traditional marriage with hundreds of guests in an old cathedral.   When choosing your venue, make sure that it can achieve your vision for your wedding. Otherwise, you'll just be frustrated and displeased with the end result.  

Verify Your Guest Count

  Logistics should play a huge role in your decision. You can be utterly charmed by a venue, yet it's not an option if you can't fit all of your guests.   Take a look at whether you can fit all of your friends and family into the space as one of your most crucial deciding factors.  

Convenient To Get To

  Convenience is essential when asking your guests to drive somewhere. If it's in the middle of nowhere and requires hours and hours of drive time, then chances are you may be asking too much of your guests.   Choose a place which won't cause your guests to struggle to arrive at or risk getting lost. If you have always dreamed of a scenic, countryside wedding, then consider looking at Raleigh's Best Wedding Venue at Rose Hill, or others of a similar style. Such venues often have an elegant indoor space as well as a picturesque outdoor space, and are usually easy to drive to as well.  

Use Your Network

  Before you sign anything and put down money, consider reaching out in your network to see if anyone has a potential venue that you know. You can save thousands by finding a venue which is on your family's property, or perhaps in a friend's home.   It's worth reaching out to friends and exploring the option.  

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