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Though the idea of fashion is often relegated more to women than men, it's still an important topic for every person to consider within the constructs of their own lives and lifestyles. If you totally disregarded what you wear and how you look, you could be short-changing yourself personally, professionally, and just generally when it comes to life experiences.

To help you out, if you're completely uninterested in the topic of fashion, but still know that it's important, consider these five tips for helping men find their fashion comfort zone - think in terms of broad categories first, learn to accessorize, read fashion magazines regularly, look to see what people are wearing on TV, and don't try to con people with your clothing.

Think of Broad Categories First

You probably have one basic personality that you're comfortable with. It may be business casual, professional, suit and tie, athletic, sporty - whatever. But, once you've narrowed down your general life outlook to that one simple personality sphere, that's where you should start planning your fashion from. Simply knowing that you're generally an athletic person means that your primary fashion sense is going to come from buying athletic gear. If you're more of a formal person, you might enjoy having some of the Icon Custom Tailored Tuxedos in your wardrobe to pick on when the occasion is right. Such a simple idea, but still a great place to start.

Learn To Accessorize

Once you have your general category set, then it's time to learn to accessorize. This may feel like a bit of a dark art at first, but the more you pay attention and the more you experiment, the better you'll get at it. Plus, you can make lots of friends and connections with people by simply asking them how you look with certain items attached to your basic fashion. It's not rocket science, so give it a whirl.

Read Men's Fashion Magazines

It's not a crime to read men's fashion magazines either, or even just scan them to look at the pictures. Even though a lot of male fashion is seriously overdone (the same with women's fashion, really) you can at least get a good idea of what looks good with what on a cultural scale.

Look To TV Programming

Another place to look for looks is on TV. Between action shows, crime dramas, sitcoms, and reality TV, you get a free peep into the lives and fashion choices of well-instructed actors who are trying to give off a certain vibe.

Don't Try To Con People

The most important rule as far as men's fashion goes is to avoid trying to con or trick people into thinking that you're someone that you aren't. If you buy clothes that feel phony when matched with your personality type or economic demographic, you're going to get pegged by the people you're trying to impress in the first place.

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