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Your hair is something that is a direct reflection of how much you put it through. Someone who makes the effort of looking after it with care as opposed to someone who treats their hair like an old boot is probably going to have better results. Since your hair is something that you wear every day, it's in your best interest to have an investment in its overall quality. Here are some of the best ways to make your hair look better and better.  

Take Supplements

  Your hair is consistently in a state of growing and shedding the old. Taking supplements can help your hair's natural cycles and strengthen the new growth from the inside out.   There are plenty of options out there; it's merely a matter of your preference. From chewable options to solutions you can dilute in water, to capsules that you can make yourself with your fusion, there are plenty of ways to take extra vitamins for your hair.  

Limit Heat Exposure

  Even though a lot of people prefer to dry and curl their hair every day since it looks its best, it's ideal to give your hair a rest now and then. Your hair is no different from an item of clothing that you wear. Imagine how tattered your clothes would be if you put them through the dryer every single day? Try to limit the heat exposure as much as you can.  

Stop Washing Every Day

  Just like if you put your clothes into the dryer every day they would be in poor condition, the same goes for putting it in the washer every day. Washing your hair too often starts to strip your hair of its natural oils and nutrients. Although it's good to wash it sometimes, too much will start to wear it out over time. Try to wash your hair only once or twice a week and use a dry shampoo in between. A reliable brand of professional salon shampoo can also be used. You can use hats or updos to get you through these days when your hair doesn't have that "straight out of the hair salon look."  

Get Regular Haircuts

  Your hair will start to develop split and dry ends after a certain amount of time. Getting a haircut allows your hair to rid itself of the parts that are weighing it down. That way you'll clear the space for new growth and reveal beautiful hair without old ends.  

Limit Brushing

  Even a little brushing is good for your hair since it smoothes out the knots and makes your hair easier to manage, too much brushing can tear your hair.   Try to use a high-quality brush and only brush once a day. Otherwise, use your fingers.

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