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So, you've finally booked your holiday or trip and are just getting around to packing, but can't decide whether to pack your phone and other electronics. On the one hand, you want to be free from the stresses of everyday life. But on the other you don't want to miss out on anything or be unable to contact people back home. Whether you are heading off on a two-week vacation or a year-long round the world trip, you may be unsure about whether to pack your favourite devices. You may be thinking how amazing it will be to get away from everything and de-stress, even so, leaving useful gadgets at home is not the best idea. You may not realise it, but some gadgets, such as your camera, may enhance your trip and make the experience even more memorable. For our guide to essential gadgets for travellers, have a read of this. 1

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  1. Your Phone

You may want to escape everyday life, but think realistically, can you really live without your phone? Your phone is essential for getting in touch with loved ones back home, if you don't take it you may find it difficult to keep in touch. Instead of spending hours searching for a pay phone, all you need to do, is send a quick text, and that's that. You can even turn your phone off afterwards if you want to. Your phone also has many other uses. For example, you can use it to navigate, take pictures and to research sights and local attractions. Plus, there are so many incredibly useful travelling apps you can download too.
  1. Camera

An important part of any holiday or trip is making memories, and a good camera is crucial for that. For the perfect travelling camera, opt for something that is high resolution, small enough to fit in your bag or pocket and has a long battery life. It is also a good idea to choose a camera that is fairly sturdy, won't break easily and is waterproof.
  1. Handheld luggage scale

Whilst some luggage fees are unavoidable, you can avoid being charged for an overweight bag by weighing it in advance yourself. Chances are that where you are staying will not have a luggage scale. So, you may find that taking your own hand held one, is incredibly beneficial. Especially, if you are taking a few different flights. All you need to do, is attach the scale to your luggage handles and lift, and it should give you an accurate weight reading.
  1. International plug adaptor

This is an absolute travel essential. There is nothing worse than arriving in a new place and being unable to charge your phone or camera, that's why an international plug adaptor is a vital travel essential.
  1. Kindle


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Instead of weighing your luggage down with lots of books, invest in a Kindle instead. They are perfect for travelling as they are small and easy to pack and are great for keeping your occupied whilst you travel. Kindles are not only lightweight, they also have an amazing battery life and a large memory, meaning that they can store a lot of books. One of the best things about the Kindle is that it is easy on the eyes, and not too bright. Plus, it adjusts in sunlight so that you have no problem seeing the screen. To keep your Kindle safe and working properly, it is a good idea to invest in a good quality case and also, a screen protector.
  1. Tablet or IPad

Don't be tempted to take a laptop on your travels with you, they are bulky, awkward to use whilst travelling and don't hold their charge for long. Instead, invest in an IPad or tablet. Do not worry about the overall cost as there are a range of prices out there when it comes to getting an IPad or a tablet - it doesn't have to break the bank. Not only do tablets and IPads have a long lasting battery life, they are also more compact than a laptop and much easier to get out, set up and use. A tablet or IPad has many travel uses. Not only can it be used as a sat-nav, camera and way to keep in touch with your family and friends, but it is also fantastic for keeping you entertained. Especially, when you are on flights or long car or bus journeys. To get the most out of your tablet or IPad, you can download movies, books, magazines and music onto it before you go. You can also sign up for digital versions of your favourite magazines to be sent to your IPad or tablet on a monthly basis. As well as having some excellent entertainment benefits, IPads and tablets are also incredibly useful in terms of the travel apps on offer. Best travel apps: Whilst apps are not a gadget, they are incredibly useful for travellers. The only problem is that with so many apps to choose from, it can be hard to know which are the best ones to download. To help you out, we have created a list of the best apps for travellers: XE Currency is a useful app that allows users to see how much money they will get for what they exchange. It can help you to work out how much cash you will need to exchange, depending on where you are. Best of all, the app automatically updates any currency changes, so you know exactly how much cash you will get. Flight Tracker is essential for keeping on track of your flight. There is nothing more irritating than taking a two-hour bus ride to the airport, only to find that you flight has been delayed until the next morning. Flight Tracker allows you to track your flight from anywhere with an internet connection. It includes maps and real-time tracking information, departure details and information of any delays or problems. Sunscreen is the perfect app for if you are jetting off to a sunny location. The Sunscreen app can track your location and UV rating and work out how long your factor sun cream will protect you from burning. It will even send you a reminder when it is time to re-apply your sun cream to avoid getting burnt and ruining your trip.

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