Riding a motorcycle is scary, no doubt about it! Anyone who tells you otherwise is definitely lying (or a little bit crazy). Despite that, I truly believe everyone should try it at least once. For no other reason than, you should try everything at least once! What have you got to lose? Taking the bike out onto the coastal roads, or into the backcountry is such a thrill. You look great, you feel great and you'll never feel so free. Need some more reasons to convince you? No problem, here are six more. 3

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  1. The community

The motorcycle community is one of the friendliest and most close-knit you'll find. They are the select few who look fear in the face every day and take it on. They're geeks about their engines and their motorcycle history. You'll exchange stories, gain wisdom and go on adventures. Your closest motorbike community isn't hard to find. Search the internet for motorbike meetups or join your local Harley Davidson club.
  1. The thrill

Okay, okay, we've already mentioned the thrill. But, seriously, it's unlike anything you'll ever experience. The loud roar of the motor between your legs sends shivers up your spine. The howl of the wind soundtracks the whole affair and the G-force is better than any rollercoaster. You'll weave in and out of traffic and speed along the coastal roads. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.
  1. It's an escape

When you get in a car, it's a very practical experience. You're going from A to B and following the same roads as always. Sure, you could buy a normal, used car, or you could buy a raging monster instead! Motorbiking is a much different driving experience. When you put your helmet on, you step away from the world for a while. You're not just commuting, you're enjoying life. It gives you space to think and takes you away from the day's stress, just for a moment.
  1. It's cheaper than you think

Buying and maintaining a motorbike is a lot cheaper than the car equivalent. You can get your hands on a fantastic motorbike for less than $6,000 and it will run like a dream. Their engine components are simple and easy to maintain yourself. If things start to break down, it's easy to find the cheapest motorbike batteries in your area. Replacement parts are easy to come by too and there's always a knowledgeable mechanic nearby.
  1. Overcome your fears

The small act of getting on a motorcycle is a big step. You'll overcome a lot of fear and all your natural instincts to do so. It might feel terrifying, but embrace that achievement! You can funnel that psychological prowess in other areas of your life. If you can get on a motorbike, you can do anything.
  1. You look cool

Let's face it, it's impossible to look silly on a motorcycle. They're just too cool! When you put those leathers on and fix your helmet, everything is right with the world. If there's a little bit of you that's always wanted to try it, now's the time! Find a local racetrack to try it out. I guarantee you'll love everything about it.  

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