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Following a DUI arrest, it's essential that you make smart moves. Making even the slightest mistake can have a profound effect on the outcome of your case. Failing to take the right course of action can make matters even worse.   If you've recently been arrested for driving under the influence, here are some of the things you should avoid at all costs.  

Brushing It Off As No Big Deal

  The first thing you need to know is that this is a serious charge that you're facing. It's not a parking ticket or simple traffic violation. This is a charge that can affect you for the rest of your life. If convicted, you could face jail time and a considerable amount of money.   You should be panicking, for a very good reason - the more scared that you are, the more that you'll take care of business. Fear is a good thing in this situation.  

Failing to Hire a Good Lawyer

  Don't settle for the first lawyer that comes up in Google search results. Lawyers aren't all created equally. Here, what you can do is look for a lawyer who specializes specifically in DUI charges, like the ones at Salwin Law Group for instance, who are well versed in the area of defense and have plenty of experience under their belt.   Your best chance at winning is to find a lawyer like the latter for one, who knows what they're doing and will best represent you. When it comes to defending your freedom, it's worth hiring the best.  

Choosing a Lawyer Based On Price

  Price shouldn't be a determining factor on your legal representation. If you judge on price alone, then you may lower your chances of winning. You need to find someone based on experience, education, and willingness to fight for you.  

Not Doing Your Research

  The best defense is a good defense. You should do your research on what to expect during the litigation process. You should be familiar with what the consequences you are facing may be.   Each state differs on how they treat convictions. You should be aware of how a conviction may potentially affect every area of your life.  

Waiting Too Long To Take Care Of Business

  A lot of people deal with stressful situations with procrastination. Don't delay when it comes to getting everything in order.   Hire a lawyer and gather the necessary evidence you need to win your case.  

Pleading Guilty

  As long as you fight your conviction, you have a chance at winning. Pleading guilty means that you throw your chances out the window. A qualified attorney knows how to use your constitutional rights and challenge the state through specific evidence.   Rather than throwing the towel in too early, put your head together with a good lawyer and gather any facts that may work in your favor.