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Curb appeal is that instant first impression that strikes when you see a house. Great curb appeal is all about creating the best looking house on the street. It's something to take pride in, and it's every bit as important as the interior design. Perhaps you're looking to sell and need to add that last bit of value. Or maybe it's just time for a home facelift. Whatever the reason, here's how you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home.

  1. Replace the front door - The front door is the first thing people see when they arrive at your home. It's the centrepiece, and it needs to make an impression. Tidy up peeling paint and old fixtures. Alternatively, replace it entirely with a modern design.
  1. Plaster, render or siding - The overall finish of your home is crucial. Tired plaster or rendering looks shabby and unkempt. A new render and paint job will work wonders. On the other hand, you could employ a siding contractor who will renovate the entire fascia. You'll see immediate results and add value to the property.
  1. Tidy the front yard - If you're lucky enough to have a front garden, make sure it is kept in pristine condition. Mow the lawn regularly and keep it fresh with new grass seeds. Trim back unruly hedges and plant a selection of flowers and shrubs along the borders. Don't be afraid to get the tools out and get your hands dirty!
  1. Lighting - You might not associate lighting with the outside of your property, but it makes quite a difference. Whilst some people like to include lighting to ensure that people can see when they come up the driveway, others like to use it to add to the overall appearance of their home. As long as you get in touch with a reliable electrician, like those at Safe and Sound Electric ( to install the fixtures for you, as well as making sure that all of your wiring is in the correct place, then you're good to go. So with that being said, what types of lights can you include on the outside of your home? A simple sensor light will illuminate your pathway as you approach, for example. You can go one step further and use lanterns or standalone lights to add a warm glow to the house.
  1. Symmetry - The real key to curb appeal is symmetry. They say that all beauty is defined by a symmetrical face, and the same is true of your home. Try to decorate your home and garden with this principle in mind.
  1. Clean your windows - It's a simple tip, but very useful. Windows have a habit of collecting dust, dirt, and bugs. They degrade faster than you'd think, especially if the frames are made of wood. They're prone to rotting and expansion. Take the time to keep them clean from the inside and out. If possible, replace them with higher quality alternatives.
  1. Clean the gutters - The guttering plays a big part in the aesthetic quality of your home. Over the winter, they fill with debris and struggle under the weight of water. Take the opportunity to fix and strengthen them after cleaning them out.
  1. Fix broken pathways - Finally, make a start on any broken paths. They can crack easily and worsen under changing temperatures. The fluctuating weather can cause cracks to expand and contract. Replace them with new, modern versions.
Follow this advice and you'll soon have the best looking house on the street. You'll add value, and you'll take pride in your property! 2


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