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While men are born with a lot of talents, hiring a high-class escort may not be one of them. Keep reading to have all of your questions answered.


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Hiring an escort for the first time can make even the most macho man a little nervous. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your first professional escort experience.

1. What Should I Say when I First Contact an Escort?

There's no point in making a bad impression the first time around when you call on the services of an escort. Just because you are paying for a service it does not mean you can say whatever you feel like saying; the customer is not always right.

When I made first contact with escort services in Sydney at Escorts and Babes, I kept it friendly, light, and professional. Introduce yourself first then provide a range of dates you would like to meet. Until you get to know your escort services company a little better, treat it like a business email.

2. Do Escorts Drink on a Date?

Well, that depends. But right off the bat, the question you should really be asking is –should you? If you're going to call upon an escort, don't let her show up to find you drunk out of your mind or higher than a kite. You may wind up not being able to finish the job, or you might finish way too early. And what's the fun in that?

And yes, depending on whether your escort feels comfortable or not, she might enjoy a beverage but don't expect her to.

3. How Should I Act When my Escort Arrives?

After you have hired one of the preferred escorts in London (or wherever you live), strive to be smooth. She's a lady, and she isn't some sort of raging sex monster who's going to be ready to go the second she walks in the door. Ask her what she likes, what she doesn't like, and get to know her preferences a little bit before things heat up.

Be a courteous man; offer a drink, give her your respect, and see where it goes. And of course if she says no to anything, no means no.

4. What about Gifts or Flowers?

Now you're talking! Every lady loves a little bit of pampering or a small token to make them feel appreciated. Some common "ground floor" safe gifts to offer might include flowers, lingerie, or perfume. Standing out from other callers is often a good idea; in the future she might just make you a priority over some other guy, and who doesn't like a little VIP treatment? Working girls have fantasies too.

5. How About Personal Grooming, Should I Dress Up?

Generally speaking, you could keep it casual, however, make sure you're clean and you've got clean underwear on if you wear any. Tidy up your apartment a little, make sure it doesn't smell bad, and remove any safety hazards like that wireless gaming console on the floor. Nobody needs to get hurt!

6. When and How Should I Pay?

Unless you've made arrangements prior to her arrival, pay your escort in cash up front. To save yourself from making anything awkward, count it in advance and put it in an open envelope or a separate part of your wallet for quick, discreet, and easy retrieval and never use coins. Ever.

7. What Sort of Small Talk is OK?

Anything that doesn't pry into her personal life, business life, or make her feel uncomfortable. In other words don't ask about whether she has a boyfriend and what he thinks about her line of work. Don't talk about money or ask if she's happy.

Instead, ask her what she's into, and what she likes to do when she isn't working, and always keep it light. If you have hired someone from a reputed London escorts agency, you can let her lead the conversation so as to avoid sensitive topics. These escorts may have a better understanding of what to talk about to set the mood for the night.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, hiring an escort comes down to respect. You wouldn't disrespect a person who goes under the hood of your car, so why on earth would you be rude to someone who's about to give some TLC to your manly bits? Think about it.

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