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Your closest friend has trusted you to organise his last night of freedom, aka his stag do. The pressure's on to give him the best night ever, and you don't have a clue where to start. What do you need to do to give the groom-to-be and the rest of the gang, a night they won't forget? To help you organize the best stag do possible, we have put together some helpful tips below:

  1. Be organised

Being organised is the key to hosting an amazing stag do. You don't want to host it too close to the day of the wedding itself, so make sure to find out the date of the wedding. It is a good idea to hold the stag party no closer than two weeks before the day of the wedding. Once you know when the wedding is, start working out the best dates for the stag do to take place. Whatever happens, do not plan the stag do the night before the wedding - this is a recipe for disaster. As you are in charge of the stag do, it is your responsibility to look after the groom. Do you really want to have to explain to an angry bride that you lost the groom or worse?

You also need to be organised when it comes to travel arrangements and any extras you may want to include. Travel arrangements could include plane tickets, train tickets and accommodation bookings. Extras could include any excursions or even something like custom tee shirts. Custom tees are common on stag dos and not only are they fun, but they're also a great way to keep everyone together and identify everyone in the party so that no one gets lost. Plus, they're a great way to commemorate the stag do and have memorabilia!

  1. Decide who to invite

Think about who to invite, remember it is the grooms special night so make sure to ask him who he wants to come. Invite his friends from school, college, work, etc. as well as any of his male relatives. Ask his brothers, cousins and maybe even his father too. It might be a good idea to ask him what he wants, after all you don't want to cause problems. Make sure you don't invite too many people, remember you are going to have to organise everything for it. The more people you invite, the harder it will be to manage it all. Make sure that you get the email addresses of everyone who is invited, this will make it easier to communicate, collect money and get organised.
  1. Choose the location and what you will do

This will depend on the groom. Find out what he wants to do. This will decide whether you're hiring a party barge or a private house with a chef and having a quiet weekend. Does he fancy a boy's weekend away, a night at your local bar or something else entirely. What you do should depend on what he wants to do - it is his celebration after all. Whether he wants to drink into the early hours of the morning or do something more relaxed, it is up to him.
  1. Consider whether to arrange it yourself or use a company

Whether you organise the stag do yourself or use a company to do it for you, is up to you. It completely depends on what you are planning to do, and what your budget is like. For example, if you are planning on organising a weekend away. You best bet might be to rent a house or apartment yourself, buy alcohol online and start the night with a house party. Before heading out to one of the local nightclubs. Whereas if you are planning an activity weekend, it might be a good idea to get some professional help. Otherwise, you may end up a little bit out of your depth.
  1. Don't go too far

You know the groom best, so you know where he draws the line. Don't take things too far, do you want to upset him or anger the bride? Have fun and arrange an enjoyable stag do, just don't let the party get too crazy, or you might end up regretting it. 3

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