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  The UK is top of the bucket list for many travellers, especially for those of us here in the USA. There’s a rich cultural heritage over the pond, with centuries old castles and monuments. But, for those who aren’t interested in museums and heritage sites, there’s another side to the little island. That’s right, there’s a huge culture of thrill-seeking and adventure in the UK. It’s all thanks to the rugged coastlines and wonderful natural parks. Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

Mountain Climbing - The UK doesn’t have the tall, jagged appeal of the Alps. Nor does it have the sheer size of the Rocky Mountains. But, it does have a few beautiful regions to explore. Even the casual hiker can make it to the top of the highest peak, Ben Nevis in Scotland. Don’t think it’s all for beginners, however. There are some seriously challenging bouldering and climbing routes in the Lake District and Peak District. If you’ve got a head for heights and a thrill for adventure, try it out.



Theme Parks - The UK is home to some of the most terrifying roller coasters on the planet. Thorpe Park is one of the country’s biggest dedicated theme parks or you could try the new contender, Drayton Manor. Of course, Britain’s most famous roller coaster is on Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. It’s called The Big One, and it’s exactly like it sounds. You can buy theme park tickets online, and choose the scariest rides for yourself.

Surfing - If you like to think of yourself as one-with-the-waves, head south to Cornwall. Here, you’ll find the country’s best surf spots. (Though, some will argue that the waves in South Wales are better!) The premier destination is Newquay and the renowned Fistral Beach. It does get very busy in the summer, but it’s well worth the wait. You can pitch a tent on the beach, get a campfire going, and hang out with friends. There’s no better place to catch a wave in Britain.

Track days - In the UK, there’s a universal obsession with cars and racing. The Formula 1 track at Silverstone is a spiritual home for motor racers everywhere. All across the country, you’ll find access to ‘track days’. It’s a weekend event that lets you take a car and throw it around a track for a few hours. In some cases, you can hire a supercar for the ultimate thrill ride! In other cases, you simply drive on with your road car, and push it as hard as you can.

Cliff diving - There’s a spot in South Wales where adventurers and thrill-seekers gather every summer. The county is Pembrokeshire, and it’s an explorer’s paradise. There’s a wild expanse of countryside and a rugged, sharp coastline. Here, you’ll find some fantastic spots to leap from the cliff into the deep waters below. Red Bull even host their cliff-diving championships here. Think you’ve got the guts to try it for yourself? There’s only one way to find out!

The UK has so much more to offer than dusty museums and heritage sites. Get out into the open countryside, and explore the true thrills on offer in Britain. Where would you start?

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