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When the weather becomes fully bearable again and summer starts kicking-in properly, there’s an all-round sense of renewal which permeates just about every area of life. For me personally, one of the areas in which I always seem to witness this summer “renewal” is through what’s essentially a second chance to commit to seeing out my New Year’s resolutions. Summer only really kicks-off properly in June, which is about halfway through the year, making for the perfect time to re-evaluate and perhaps update any resolutions from which I might have seemed to stray.

To be a bit more specific, with all that summer has to offer by way of outdoor activities, it’d be really nice to find a source of income which doesn’t get disrupted by one’s mere indulgence in the great summer outdoors. It has indeed been a mission of mine (not necessarily resolved in the beginning of this year) to find a solid way to make money while doing something I prefer to be doing – something I truly enjoy doing and would be doing regardless of whether or not it ultimately generates money. I’ll have to wait it out a bit to see how it all develops further, but I truly believe I’ve found it!

It’s been staring me in the face all this time and I guess I’ve been blind to it because of all which I’ve read about how to make it in the industry, that being earning money through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programmes. Google’s AdSense programme comes to mind as perhaps the leading example of such a programme. I’d previously heard stories of how people make a killing with PPC programmes and tried to replicate that success many a time, by simply following the step-by-step instructions the biggest earners have “let me in on.” BIG MISTAKE! I guess it was a learning curve though, but I found that one simply has to develop one’s own approach to it if one is to make some good money.

In my specific case, I simply went visual with it. I don’t write (well I do, but you don’t see a bunch of Google ads on this particular blog, do you?) content and then just slap Google ads on them anymore. What I do is take photographs, essentially documenting my outdoor summer exploits, create captioned albums and perhaps edit some of the pictures to look a bit more “professional,” then I add some PPC ads. I don’t put too many ads because I don’t want my albums to look like they’re nothing more than AdSense farms, but yeah, so far this approach to PPC earnings seems to be working out well for me.

Whether it’s flying a drone, kayaking, or just chilling by the beach, the people of the interwebs seem to be interested in those types of pictures and for me that interest has turned into a great way of earning some passive income through PPC advertising.

I’m not saying it’ll definitely work for you too – I mean I found out that one simply has to have their own approach to it, but yeah, going visual works for me.

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