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Even if you’re the type of guy that doesn’t normally accessorize, you may want to. The right accessories can make a huge difference in the presentation of yourself. You already show your professional side in your work ethic, why not look the part even more as well.

Some of the accessories that look great in the business world are ones you may already wear, but you may not think of them as accessories. You may simply think of them as a normal part of your daily wear. If you’re ready to accessorize, here is what you’ll need.

A Power Tie, And Some Others

You need to have a tie, or a bow tie if you are more of a fun guy that doesn’t worry about looking a little different. However, when it comes to heading corporate meetings, or simply job hunting, a power tie is a must have. That means a nice red tone tie that stands out and says you are in charge.

It helps to have at least a couple ties. If you aren’t into patterns or holiday ties that’s fine, but you should at least have a few ties that go with your few suits. Maybe a black one, a tan one, and a navy blue one.

Consider Men’s Jewelry

While many men aren’t fans of jewelry, you could add some to your wardrobe for a little change. Something simple like a leather bracelet just shows that you are hip to the current styles. If you have a wedding band, don’t be afraid to wear it to work.

If you aren’t wearing a suit and tie to work maybe you want to consider something more laid back, like a shell necklace. Casual can be great if you work in retail and you have a job that doesn’t require a uniform.

A Luxury Watch

While many people no longer wear watches since everyone carries a smartphone around with them that helps them keep track of the time, a nice watch can still make a great professional accessory. Look for a nice watch that stands out and makes you look like the timely professional you are.

There are many styles of watches, and some of them can really be an investment. Invest in one, especially if you spend a lot of time in a suit.

Shoes That Make The Man

Shoes can really pull off an outfit, but you want to make sure that you are buying comfortable ones if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Heeled cowboy boots might look stylish with your suit, but they can cause some serious arch pain. Tennis shoes may be comfortable, but they are far too casual for any job.

Make sure you buy shoes that compliment your suit or outfit. Buy ones that fit and have the right arch support, or invest in some inserts. Sore feet make it hard to get the job done!

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