Ever since you became a licensed driver, you have been likely heard jokes about which demographic is the worst driver. While women tend to get a bad rap, it is actually men who are the most dangerous drivers out there. From 1975 to 2014, twice as many men died in car accidents than women. What is contributing to this dangerous statistic?


Road rage is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents, with many men behind the wheel becoming angry. Becoming impatient and cutting someone off, accelerating too quickly or generally letting your emotions get the best of you can all lead to fatal car accidents. With the competitive nature of most men, aggression behind the wheel can be their most dangerous trait.

To avoid road rage related accidents, you can take several preventative measures. Don't get behind the wheel if you are upset or angry, don't treat commuting as a race and exit the highway if someone is becoming aggressive with you. Always try to treat others with respect when behind the wheel, and keep in mind that you don't know their personal circumstances for driving like they do.


In spite of their higher alcohol tolerance, men are twice as likely to become alcoholics than women. Unfortunately, this also results in many more men getting behind the wheel after imbibing. Intoxicated drivers are far more likely to injure, or kill, others than themselves, so always have a designated driver or a taxicab when you go out drinking.

Longer Miles

Another reason men may be more prone to fatal car accidents is because they simply spend more time on the road than women. With long-haul trucking, transportation services and other driving positions, many more men are out on the road for longer mileage.

Becoming overtired while behind the wheel is a common problem for many drivers. Ways to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel or falling prey to exhaustion-induced road rage is by knowing your limits and when to take a break. Most truck drivers have set limitations, but drivers for other companies may not always adhere to them. To stay peppy while on the road, listen to classical music, eat fruits and veggies (and other light foods), and stay hydrated.

Along with truck drivers doing what they can to remain safe, firms should also take responsibility for the safety of their drivers. That is why firms might make use of trucking solutions offered by the likes of Tenstreet that can provide total transparency into how their drivers are performing. Perhaps using a solution like the one mentioned above can help firms identify and assign corrective training to drivers, sending them on the road to improved safety.


The most risky age for male drivers is between 16-29 years of age. Often, young men are at a stage in life where they still feel "invincible" and they take that mentality to the road. Unfortunately, all young men have to pay for the rashness of others with higher insurance premiums throughout this age.

Aspects that typically lower your insurance rates and ensure you are a better driver can come in the form of several different life milestones. Graduating college, getting married and having children all speak well to your driving record. Unfortunately, until you pass these milestones you are likely to still have to deal with increased premiums.

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