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Watching your children graduate with a degree is one of the most rewarding experiences that a parent can have.  As they march down the field in their cap and gown as the triumphant music plays, you applaud their hard work paying off.

Rewarding your son or daughter for putting in years of studies and tenacious follow through is an American tradition.  If costs permit, it should be the biggest gift they’ve ever received.

Your investment into your child’s future is an investment into your own future.  By providing them with the tools to make a prestigious name for themselves you are making the world a better place. Here are some gift ideas that can be of huge use to starting a future.

A Puppy

At first, the idea of a puppy as a graduation gift may seem absurd.  However, gifting your graduate with the gift of understanding responsibility is priceless.  Puppies provide your new adults with something to care for and learn firsthand all that it encompasses.

Having a pet molds them into responsible adults, and hopefully will discourage them from having children too young.  Consider gifting them the entire package of a crate and food, fully vaccinated and neutered, and pet insurance to guard against costly accidents.

A Car

Once your recent graduate finds their first job, chances are they will be doing a lot of driving to and from their work.  A new car is the ultimate practical gift.  

The car doesn’t have to be brand new, and ideally, it won’t be since your child should learn the importance of earning things for themselves.  Anything that runs, and has fairly low mileage should be fine.

Ensure that you teach them the value of proper auto maintenance such as oil changes, and tune-ups so that the car has a long enough life. You can explain that by taking care of the vehicle over the years, they can sell it at a later time for a return to  buy a nicer car.


After 4 or more years of studying hard in college or university, and eating macaroni and cheese for dinner 3 nights out of the week, a nice old fashioned vacation may be in order.

Consider a trip that involves you as well.  It doesn’t have to be a transcontinental business class plane ticket.  Even something as simple as a weekend trip to a nearby tourist attraction would be a nice change of pace.


A trip to IKEA can be a great way to get your new member of the adult world started on the right foot. You can furnish an entire small apartment for under $5000 at IKEA by making smart purchases.

For the more expensive items like refrigerators and televisions, consider buying them used or gifting them one of your old ones! Some great interior design ideas can be found here

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