Nothing in life is totally predictable, but at the very least there are decisions that you can make that give you the best shot at a satisfying existence. And it's easy to get overwhelmed when looking at your life as a whole, but when you break it down into manageable theories and concrete actions, you adjust your personal parameters in a sensible way.

Five topics that will always involve some degree of risk, though, include using drugs, your approach to food and nutrition, how much you exercise, where you stand on the moderation spectrum, and who you pick as your life partners (both in terms of friendship and romance).

The Drug Corridor

Drugs are a part of life. Sometimes you use drugs experimentally. Other times after some kind of a surgery or medical procedure, you become accustomed to, or even addicted to, painkillers, and the habit just stays with you. The risks of long-term drug use are well-known. Whereas they may be a temporary and useful bandaid in many instances, in the end, especially if you become addicted, your drug use can rip apart the fabric of your life and bleed into the lives of the people you care about as well. The risk is very rarely worth it. It is often much better to recognize the addiction and seek necessary help; options like a local recovery center or a drug rehab Thailand are all good to be considered. In the end, it will benefit you and all your loved ones if you make the choice to go through with it, even if it seems tough.

Nutrition Obsession

A modern issue that crops up in many people's lives is their inability to find a nutritional plan that makes sense. People go on fad diets, obsess over their appearance, spend an inordinate amount of time counting calories, lose themselves in worry about vitamins and minerals - and all for what? Even nutritionists aren't entirely sure what is best for the average human body, so the anxiety that comes from second guessing yourself is never going to be worth the risk of extreme dieting.

Healthy Exercise Habits

Think about the risks and rewards of exercise as well. Keeping your heart healthy and your joints flexible throughout your life is a great goal. Running ultra-marathons, spending too much time at gyms, getting lost in body-centric competitions - those, on the other hand, might be something that you want to avoid, as the complications from extreme exercise of any sort can be brutal.

The Appeal of Moderation

Inside nearly every decision that you make as an adult is going to be a spectrum of moderation. If you stay in this middle ground, you'll find that you can mitigate nearly every single knowable risk in your life. That's a pretty strong argument for self-control!

Life Partners

Who you choose to be with is an interesting consideration when it comes to risk. If your partner is into risky behavior, that means that you'll be included just by proxy. Be sure you know what you're getting into when you decide to join forces with someone who pushes boundaries more than you're typically comfortable with.

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