When it comes to attracting a partner this year, you’re going to need more than just witty banter and a perfect smile. Most people are keen to find someone with good fashion sense, as that tends to mean they take care of themselves. If you want to score with the hottest girl at the party during the summer months, you’ll need to look the part. To help you out, we’ve listed some of the top fashion items you need to purchase this year. Doing so will make you far more attractive to potential partners, and it will help to ensure you get lots of attention whenever you head out for the night with your friends.

Diamond studs

Whoever said men couldn’t wear diamonds? Well, whoever it was, they were wrong. This summer, we’re expecting to see many of the most fashionable guys sporting diamond studs instead of their usually plain ear accessories. You might have to spend a lot of money to get the genuine item, but many stores on the high street are now stocking cheaper, fake, alternatives. From a distance, people simply won’t tell the difference. So, even those of you on the tightest budgets can still look cool.

White jeans

White has never been a popular color for men’s jeans in the past. However, it is going to be everywhere this year. All the top designers have released outfits that encompass white denim, and most high street stores are now following suit. Getting some soon will help you to put a modern twist on traditional clothing. Just don’t make the mistake of wearing white t-shirts at the same time. That is far too risky when you’re out with the guys. Not only will an all white outfit make you appear more feminine, but you will almost certainly spill your drink if you go out dressed entirely in that color.

Designer jackets

You’re going to need a stunning jacket because the evenings are still going to be cold this summer. Instead of getting something cheap, it makes more sense to invest in a designer item that is going to last for many years. The most desirable products on the market at the current time are American made. So, it is sensible to do some research online into any styles you think look good. Of course, there are some trends you might like to follow. For instance, thinner jackets in dark colors are very popular at the current time.

Loud shirts

Summer is the best time to wear bright and bold colors. So, it should come as no surprise that a significant number of clothing items in that style are available at the moment. As we have said with most of our suggestions, you can get some fantastic low-cost products by visiting specialist stores on the high street. However, those of you who want to stand out from the crowd should visit upmarket websites or high-end stores in your local city. 2

Brandon Andersen

With all that advice to hand, you should manage to create a stunning look over the next couple of weeks. Just make sure you call your friends and ask about their outfits before heading out for the night. They might have had the same ideas, and the last thing you want is to look like a clone. Enjoy!    

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