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Our country is full of incredible landscapes that lend themselves perfectly to many outdoor activities. So, if you fancy yourself as the next Bear Grylls, you should definitely try out these awesome outdoor pursuits. Good weather can’t be guaranteed, but good times certainly can! 2

Thurso, Scotland (


Probably not the first destination that you think of when it comes to surfing. However, the UK has many awesome surfing spots. They may not be able to offer white sands, turquoise water or bronzed beach babes, but they can provide gnarly surfing conditions. Cornwall is known amongst seasoned surfers as the best place to catch a wave in the UK. Head to Watergate Bay for some lessons with the Xtreme Academy. This area is recommended for beginners and intermediates. Once you have improved your skills, head to Thurso in Scotland, where the experts hang out. Thurso is considered one of the best places to surf in Europe with waves reaching triple overhead or more. 3

Snowden, Wales (


For those who enjoy the outdoors, there’s nothing more satisfying to reaching the summit of an epic mountain and taking in the breathtaking views. The UK is packed full of awesome hiking routes, catering to walkers of all levels. For long-distance lovers, you must do the Hadrian’s Wall Path. Stretching 84 miles over northern England’s most rugged terrain the path is historic as it is wonderful. You may wish to check out the Craghoppers range of walking and hiking gear in preparation for this epic journey. For an uphill challenge, Snowdon in Wales will surely meet your desires. The Snowdon requires its climbers to scramble, leap and negotiate its serrated peaks. Setting foot on the summit you’ll look over the other mountains in the Snowdonia region, and you may even see Ireland on a clear day. 4

Lake District, England (


As in canoeing and kayaking, not doggy! Fancy paddling through some of the most beautiful waterways in the country. Or perhaps you just want to have a go at the Eskimo roll. You can choose to learn or improve your skills in a canal, lake, river or the sea. Canals are the best areas to paddle if you are a beginner because they are calm and narrow. However, when your confidence grown, try sea kayaking around Flamborough Head which is a route with calm seas and spectacular scenery. Alternatively, the Lake District National Park offers a huge and beautiful area in which to canoe and kayak. 5

Peak District, England (

Rock climbing

Scaling up and abseiling down a cliff face is one of the most exhilarating outdoor pursuits you can take part in. It’s also a great sport that will keep you fit and healthy. The UK has an abundance of awesome rock climbing spots. The peak district is one of the best places to climb in the UK, as it offers a tremendous variety of crags to suit all levels of climbers. Glencoe in Scotland must also be mentioned here because of its history and spectacular scenery. Rock climbing is a challenging sport, so do get lessons or practice in an indoor centre before hitting the crags. What are you waiting for? Get outdoors and have some fun!

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