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In the high of ski season, it can be tempting to get your skis out and head out to a beautiful resort in Europe to enjoy a week or two on the slopes. Who would blame you? But before you head out, you will need to decide what you’re going to take with you. It can be a difficult decision and it always ends up taking much longer than you expected it to. Of course, you will need the necessities like your toothbrush, shower stuff and underwear, but when you go on a skiing trip, you really need to give some thought about what you’re going to wear during the day and during the evening. DSC00216[1] When on the slopes, the most important item of clothing is your ski jacket. This needs to be practical, weatherproof and it also needs to look good too. Men’s ski jackets are often bright colours, with a lot of pockets but lack in practicality. But, it is important you find a jacket that has been thoroughly tested a trialled in order to make sure you can enjoy your time on the slopes, instead of having to head back to the lodge to change. The jacket will also need space for your ski pass, keys, money and any mobile device you want to take with you – if it ticks all of these boxes, then you could be onto a winner. optimize-ppc-slopes[1] What you wear in the evening is worth thinking about too. You’ll want to look smart and sharp, and there is no better way to do that than to dress to impress. For the guys, a tailored mens suit is perfect and will make you feel and look the part. For the ladies, a dress and high heels is always a sure-fire winner. Pack these into your suitcase and you’ll look the part on and off the slopes. Although it might be worth taking a couple of different outfits for the evening as you’ll probably not want to be seen wearing the same outfit every night.

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