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Apple iPad apple Apple touted the newly-released iPad as a "magical and revolutionary device." And much of that magic is applied towards the gaming side of the spectrum. There are countless games available for the iPad, top titles include XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Walking Dead.

There's something about the display that makes any game look like it's running on a device custom made just for that particular title, making them look spectacular. The touch screen and accelerometer controls are impressively responsive, meaning less stress and more enjoyment. Apple's sleek device is an online gamer's paradise, with the quality of online casino games being pointed out as a key entertainment component. Entertaining casino sites, such as Betsson, can be enjoyed at a superb standard, with enjoyment levels going through the roof.

Where else can you get split-screen multi player on a more or less handheld device? If there's one thing the iPad does better than any other device, it's allowing more than one player to interact with a game on a single unit. A game can be had on the same screen with four players at once, without needing four separate copies of the game or four different iPads. This is the iPad's shining gaming achievement.

Apple's iPhone 6 Plus apple phone Apple scooped Gadget of the Year for its iPhone 6 this year at the Pocket-lint awards, the first time any iPhone has been awarded the coveted accolade. It also beat the HTC One handset to pick up the award for Best Phone for 2014.

The Apple product's gaming capabilities are brilliant, with plenty on offer for consumers. Thousands of different games can be downloaded for free or purchased from the app store, with a wide variety available such as Asphalt 8: Airborne, Plunder Pirates and Beach Buggy Racing.

It's the fantastic 5.5-inch 1080p display which sets the iPhone 6 apart from other mobile gaming capable devices, with the massive screen giving gamers a first class view of their chosen games and entertainment. The gaming and media experience on the iPhone is a huge step up from smaller iPhones, providing gamers with superb quality from start to finish.

Samsung Galaxy galaxy The new Samsung range is called Note, and it is now up to the fourth incarnation along the technology chain. The Note 4 has a 5.7-inch display, enormous in other words. Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 had the same screen size, but this year the resolution has been seriously upgraded. There are now 515 pixels per inch.

Samsung’s speciality is Super AMOLED (Advanced Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and this display has all the brightness and responsiveness benefits with little of the usual problem of over-saturated colours of the technology. Apps and games, such as Snapchat, are extremely fun and addictive on this device. With plenty of great qualities available, the Samsung Galaxy is top gaming device. It has a glorious appearance, especially at this size which is enough to make playing games immersive and attractive, even on the go.

The LG Nexus 5 nexus The Nexus 5 is clearly a great device for gaming and, like every Nexus phone, is primarily a reference device, allowing developers to obtain the best hardware and the most current operating system for as little money as possible. Packing the latest CPU and GPU, plus 2GB of RAM, means the LG Nexus 5 has no problems in terms of gaming performance. If a game doesn't run on this, it probably won't run on anything.

Few high-end smartphones have any sort of lag these days, but the Nexus 5 still feels more responsive, and it also benefits from the new Google Experience Launcher. The Nexus 5 is a monster in the performance stakes, and the display is equally vibrant and impressive. Gamers reap the benefits from the technological masterpiece, with online entertainment being displayed wonderfully.

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