Confidence is sexy, and insecurity is out. That should be the mantra of any modern man in 2014. As much as women seem to get a rough ride in the skinny stakes, men are also subjected to harsh criticism on the way that they look. After all, the ‘real beauty’ campaign for women has been launched, but there seems to be no similar campaign for me. ‘real men’ come in all shapes and sizes, so if you are a larger gent, looking for fashionable clothes that do not make you look like you have been buried in a garden sack, then look no further. Of course, the clothes do not make the man, but it is great place to start if you are in serious need of a confidence boost. This guide will help bigger men find clothes to make them feel confident in an instant.


With thanks to Robert Ramirez for the image

Being happy with your image is not just about looking in the mirror and liking what you see. Investing in the right type of clothes that will flatter your shape and size is the key to feeling more confident. So what if you are bruising rugby player? You don’t have to fit into a pair of skinny jeans. In fact, I’d recommend that you don’t. It may be fashionable to sport a spray painted pair of jeans, but if you are a bigger guy, you are going to look a little daft. Stick to what compliments your body shape; tailored fitted shirts, boot cut jeans, tapered trousers. Find what suits you and stick to it. That is another key consideration when attempting to increase your confidence through clothes: have you found your style? So many men attempt to wear what is on the high street but with little success. It is imperative that you find your own style that means not just buying what is in the high street and declaring it as what you love to wear. Similarly, don’t copy your friend's style. Naturally, it is okay to be inspired by them, particularly if they always look effortlessly cool. Be yourself and start purchasing clothes that reflect your personality, as opposed to the character of others. Being a larger gent means that you may find the high street somewhat lacking, but large men’s clothing for casual or formalwear is much more accessible online. So, what personal style do you tend to favour? What is  truly a reflection of your personality? Do you prefer; The ‘Jock’ Look: Take a look at Varsity jackets and baseball vests for inspiration. Picture Run DMC but brought up to date for a 2014 twist Urban Cool: Designer tracksuits and big chunky trainers; think old school Adidas and Lacoste Smart and Refined: Imagine tailored, well fitted three piece suits coupled with sharp tailoring and crisp white shirts. Team with brown loafers or brogues for a sharper look all round Boys in the Bands: You can ditch the skinny jeans as a larger gent, but opt for boot cut or straight legged jeans, team with an awesome band tee and away you go. Confidence is sexy. Boost your confidence in an instant by starting with your clothes. The rest will follow naturally.  

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