Boxing is an excellent way to stay in shape and develop both physical and mental discipline. Engaging in boxing requires a combination of cardiovascular endurance, strength training, and agility exercises, contributing to overall fitness.

Beyond the physical benefits, boxing promotes mental toughness, focus, and strategic thinking. The discipline instilled through consistent training enhances not only one's physique but also cultivates a resilient and determined mindset.

Additionally, the sport offers a unique outlet for stress relief, providing a healthy and constructive way to channel energy while fostering self-confidence and self-control.

Given the numerous benefits of boxing, following a boxer's workout regime is an excellent strategy to stay in shape. For inspiration and valuable insights, individuals can check out helpful articles posted on websites such as to gain access to effective training tips and routines.

The Exercises

You perhaps just want to dive straight into it and don't even want to waste any time thinking about it or planning anything, so there are 10 exercise which boxers use as part of their typical training regime, in a race against the clock to get back to peak physical fitness and to perhaps even shed the requisite amount of extra weight to make their official weight division.

Often just going through a circuit of these boxer's favourites will be good enough to fast-track your weight loss and fitness terrace, but it's more about the intensity than the volume. These exercises include:

  • Jump-Ropes
  • Sit-Ups
  • Burpees
  • Squats
  • Chin-Ups
  • Push-Ups
  • Lunges
  • Shoulder-Presses
  • Jack-Knives, and
  • Shadow-Boxing

If you've spent even the slightest bit of time exercising on your living room floor or working out at the gym, you'll have a pretty solid idea of how to complete each of these exercises. I'll go into a brief description of how to do the burpees though. Just remember that it's all about intensity and you'll be counting the extra weight you'll manage to shed within a number of days, with a big smile on your face along with a shealthier, leaner body.


With your hands placed on the floor in front of you, get your body positioned for a squat. Transition into a push-up position by kicking your feet back, naturally lowering your body as you complete this action. Kick your feet back again to your original squatting position, but do so as quickly as you can. Complete the burpee by then jumping up high into the air, as high as you can possibly get and then returning to the squatting position by reversing that last part of the action.

The Nutritional Requirements

As far as the other exercises go, the name of the game is intensity – you should just aim to "feel the burn," building up some consistency in your circuit workout routines. The cool thing about circuit workouts is that you can do them regularly, without much need for recovery in between your training days, as would otherwise be the case with something like weight lifting. The nutritional side of proceedings is just as important too. Because you'll essentially be going hard to burn fat while toning your muscles, weight loss shakes will do good to ensure you get in the required nutrition while shedding the calories, since you'll probably not have enough time to always prepare full meals that would counteract the gains in any case. Stacking these meal replacement supplements with creatine tops things off well as this provides the much-needed fuel for your muscles to keep going hard, over a sustained, but relatively short period of time.

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