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Buying a car as a present is a big deal. It’s a big money item and will more than likely transform the life of the person you’re gifting it to. If you have it in your mind to be generous and give one as a present, then you should think the process through a lot before you begin to hand over any cash.   The situation depends a lot on who you’re giving the car to. If it’s a first car as a coming of age present for your kid, then you’re likely to think differently to a retirement present for your father. In any case, there are a few key considerations that you should be taking into account.   Firstly, you should always be thinking about practicality. There are very few occasions when a car is not a practical gift. Maybe if you buy a collector’s car for your auto fanatic father or try to buy the car that he had when he was first learning, then the considerations are sentimental at first. But for the most part you will be giving someone the gift of transport, which is really the gift of freedom.   Because you’re giving someone a car as a gift, it can be tempting to get caught up in the presentation and looks over the practicality. You want the big unveil to be impressive, so you may get caught up in the idea of buying your kid a convertible. But try to stay rooted in reality, and think through the more practical aspects of the car. A car that gets them from A to B on a daily basis with minimal fuss and cost will be a much better present than a flashy old banger that gathers dust in the garage. Be practical first and foremost, and you’re sure to get them a present that they’ll appreciate for years to come. 1

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In the same vein, you should be thinking about buying a second-hand car. Once more, the temptation will be to buy a new car as a present. Your instinct will always be to go bigger and to splash out on something like this. But just stop and think for a second. You could buy a brand new budget car for the same amount that you can get a well looked after luxury car from a local dealer. Buying a second-hand Mercedes in Liverpool will be a better present to your loved one that a brand new cheap car.   You might also want to think about the general follow-up care of the car. If it’s for your kid then this is likely to be a milestone event for them. Make it memorable and productive by taking them out and showing them all the different maintenance and basic repairs that it will need. Then, even when they need a car they will still be reaping the rewards of your present to them. If the present is for an older person then make sure that there will be repairs and aftercare at their convenience. A car that constantly needs expensive work done on it can be more of a burden than a gift, so make sure you’ve done your background work.

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